happy easter!

celebrating the fact that Jesus took on my sin and conquered death. 
He did what i can never do - He saved me.


when blood and water hit the ground
walls we couldn’t move came crashing down
we were free and made alive
the day that True Love died

{True Love by Phil Wickham}

hope you all have a very happy & very blessed easter sunday.


  1. Hi Lauren! Just popped by to wish you and your entire family a most blessed and joyous Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! Gorg shot of the cross :)

  3. Yay Jesus! Love Him, Love your blog, and your sister's too. I'm 28, recently diagnosed with cancer, and new to the the world of blogging. It's been therapeutic for me, and reading each of your blogs helps me celebrate my beauty, (even if/when I loose my hair!), and celebrate Him. Glad you share your beauty with us, because it certainly reflects the beauty of your creator.

  4. Happy Easter, Kate! Love the above!

  5. Oops, was just on your sisters page! Sorry! Happy Easter, Lauren!

  6. Happy Easter, Lauren! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family!

  7. What a good reason to post on a Sunday :) Happy Easter, Lauren! We sang that Phil Wickham song in church today - SO powerful!

  8. Hope your Easter was wonderful!

  9. I got the pleasure of seeing Phil Wickham on Easter Sunday! He performed at my church's Sunrise Service this last Sunday. Such a special treat to such a special day. Thank you for not being afraid to share your faith.


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