high five for friday

friday's are good. and it's good friday. so that makes sense.

here's my week in review:

1. KateCarrie, and I did a little Lattes & Blogging Blogger Meet-up prep this week. we're SO excited about that night.

2. i bought these massive letters from Jo Ann Fabrics to hang in my dining room in my new apartment! 

3. just over three weeks until that glorious day!

4.  i finally saw the Hunger Games. i loved it. yeah, some things were different but i didn't mind. i still thought it was a great movie. and now i'm obsessed with the soundtrack.

5. my lovely sister gave me this "just because" gift this week. gotta love her.

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  1. Fun Fun week! Im glad you liked the movie… I thought it really was a good adaptation of the book!

    Those letters are too cute! Moving sucks but I am sure you are excited to decorate your new place (sometimes that is the onlt motivation I have when I have to move)

    Happy Easter!!1


  2. I love those EAT letters!

    Happy Easter

  3. Thanks for hosting. I love high five Friday.

  4. I just posted my first High Five for Friday. What a fun idea! :) Thanks for inviting us all to join in on the fun.

  5. Isn't the HG soundtrack fabulous?!
    I loveeee it!

    I also love those big EAT letters! cute, cute.
    And your sister gift...SO SWEET!
    I need a sister. Or my brother can just be a little sweeter ;)

    What I don't love is that I live so far away, because that blogger meet up is gonna be
    the bomb.com! (I just said that...yikes)

    Happy Easter weekend, friend!
    Don't work too hard tonight ;)


  6. I love the Hunger Games soundtrack. Safe and Sound plays constantly. Those letters are adorable.

  7. that arts and craft table looks pure FUNNNNNN!!

    and your sister is so sweet... you guys are adorbs together! makes me smile :)

  8. Oh I really like those letters they're so cute *prints Joanns coupons and grabs keys*
    I also think that blogger meetup is going to be awesome and am super sad that I don't live anywhere close to it...sigh.
    Annnnnd I'm listening to the HG soundtrack at this very moment. So good. I'm going to see it (finally) this weekend.
    Have a fantastic Friday! :)

  9. I love those letters! I'm totally buying the same ones - sorry, not sorry. :)

  10. Your letters are so cute!


  11. Wouldnt a blogger meet up for us Southern Ladies be fun. In like a warm central location for us all... I would love it. Glad you are getting to meet up with some fellow bloggers.

    I also Love the HG soundtrack. I love the bluegrassy feel to it. I am from the Bluegrass state. The same state as the father of Bluegrass music. (alright enough with the bluegrass history lesson) HAHA.

    Happy Good Friday and have a blessed Easter.

  12. Those big letters are so cute!
    Oh and just because packages are always the best :)

  13. Those little lettters (ok big letters, haha) are so cute! How perfect for a dining room!

    I'm just now finding your link party and it sounds like so much fun! I totally want to do it next week! :)

  14. You're moving on my birthday! :)

    I wish I lived down there so I could join this Blogger meetup!

  15. Can't wait to see how your blogger meetup event goes!

    -Alexis :)


  16. I wish so bad I lived by you ladies! It would be so awesome to meet you! Im excited to see how great it goes! Also, Love the gift from your sister, what a great girl!

  17. Love it! I love h54f posts! I love to recap my week. Thanks for hosting.

  18. Thanks for inspiring me to also do a h54f post! Helps me be thankful for all I have. Love that your siter got you a small little gift. Sisters are super awesome :)

  19. thats such a lovely gift your sister got you! where did she get the cute sign? id love to find it for one of my sisters :)


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