first: i can't believe it's friday already
second: i can't believe it's april 13th already

time, where have you gone?

let's review five of my favorite things from this past week. sound good?

1. my new blog design. obvs. (short for obviously. obnoxious, i know.)
it's hard to imagine loving my design more than i already do. AND i added new categories on the top of my left sidebar! you can now search for specific things - beauty, fashion, diy, recipes! i'm hoping to add more to it!

2. starbucks blonde k-cups. enough said. 

3. blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven. again, enough said.

4. if i didn't know any better, i'd say he was probably definitely hiding from his brother and trying to avoid a brawl. they basically brawl every morning. i'm talking big tailed-scary meow-tufts of fur all over the floor-brawling.

5. my new stacking rings from Target! (...which, of course, i couldn't find on the target website to give you guys a link BUT i'm pretty sure they're new because they had a ton when i was there -- check the jewelry section at your local target for them!)

and i created a new H54F button to go along with my new design! be sure to add it to your blog if you participate in H54F!

as always, link up with your own H54F post below!