high five for friday

friday, i’m really diggin’ everything you’re bringing to the table. so, keep it up.
here’s five of my favorite things from this past week:
1. wearing my cobalt blue pants. i just love them.
american rag, macy’s
2. getting froyo with my sister. this place is about .3 miles from my new place. i’m in trouble.
3. he was passed out, cuddling with my arm. it was nearly impossible to leave for class that day.
4. this lunch on a rainy thursday afternoon. so good.
5. MOVING DAY IS HERE! tomorrow’s the big day! so excited!
why dont’cha share five of your favorite things, too? 
just link up below! 

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  1. Meg Cady wrote:

    What a great week!
    I AM in LOVE with those panrs! so so so into cobalt!
    FRO-YO so close sounds like a win to me;)

    Happy moving day tomorrow!


    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Good luck moving 🙂

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  3. Love those blue pants girl!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  4. Katie wrote:

    I think we have matching pants!! love them! and I could eat frozen yogurt(with lots of chocolate toppings) every single day. good luck with the move!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  5. Thanks for hosting! This week I shared about a new dress I bought, so excited that it fit, a great meal where I ordered a grass-fed burger (I love supporting small farms that treat animals well) and 3 other snippets.

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  6. Erin wrote:

    Love those pants! I am currently wearing some emerald green ones 🙂

    Good luck with the move.. if you feel overwhelmed, just go eat more frozen yogurt!

    happy friday

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  7. Those pants are SO cute – they look great on you, girl!
    And your cat…AH melting my heart! I totally would count that as a valid excuse to skip class 😉


    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
    • thanks, lady! and yes, i count it as a valid excuse too – i couldn't just steal my hand away from him while he's sleeping! happy friday to you 🙂

      Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  8. Melissa wrote:

    LOVE those pants! I'm on the hunt for a pair this weekend!
    And every time you post about your cats, I feel the need to get one more and more! So cute and cuddly!

    Good luck moving!!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  9. Beverly wrote:

    You make your froyo super pretty!! Mine is usually piled with mochi balls and mangos with a cherry on top..and the froyo is NOT pretty at all… let's just say I would SUCK as a froyo worker… I don't know how they fancy up their swirls!!

    Good luck with moving… I dread it only b/c of the packing just to unpack, but I know you'll love being in your new hood!


    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  10. Jessica wrote:

    LOVING the cobalt pants! Too cute!! Good luck with your move. 🙂

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  11. gah! i want cobalt pants, yo!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  12. I love my american rag jeans so I am sure i would love the fit of the blue pants. must go find them!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    I am pretty jealous – we don't have any froyo places! 🙁

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  14. Sarah wrote:

    Everytime im around a Fro-yo place ( and the closest place to us that has one is Bowling Green here in Kentucky) I have to go. Diet or not I love my fro yo with lots of fruit and chocolate on it. And cheesecake and cookie dough lol.. So pretty much everything haha

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Love those pants I have some but can't decide what to pair it with any ideas? Fro yo is good for ya right since its not ice cream and all lol! Hope moving day goes without a hitch

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  16. Emma wrote:

    We have Orange Leaf which is similar to froyo! So good!! Is that Panera I see?! I am guessing from the bread bowl and soup…since I get it every single time I am there! Hope all goes well with moving 🙂 Happy Friday!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  17. Loving your cobalt pants- what a perfect color for springtime and summer. Good luck with the big move this weekend, enjoy your new place!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  18. Kristin wrote:

    Thanks for hosting Lauren! Lovin' the cobalt blue pants 🙂 Good luck on moving day, soon you'll be settled in and closer again to Kate!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  19. Molly wrote:

    I got some cobalt pants from the gap and I have been loving them. I love this link-up =)

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  20. YES! I did it. I checked out all 105 posts and commented on everyone! I hope get some visitors and comment love today too. I really hope that people like my post and vote for my Smashbox video (and share it with their friends), Im so close to winning and I would love to get a strong lead to hold me until they announce on Monday! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  21. Angie wrote:

    Good luck with the moving, so exciting!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  22. I love my colored jeans.. i wear them all the time. Also, your cat is so precious!

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  23. Emily B wrote:

    Good luck with moving! Be sure to post tons of photos of the new place 🙂 I just moved last week and I'm still trying to get everything set up…

    ~em at small girl, big world

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  24. Moving is a big decision. I have no idea why but I know it is for the better. Wishing you good luck for your moving.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  25. Those blue pants are super cute!!! And looks like Panera, the bread bowl and brocolli cheddar soup is my fav!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply

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