panic mode

this morning, the unthinkable happened. 
one of the cats was lost. milo, to be exact. 
here’s what happened:
i woke up, with 2 cats hogging both my pillows. did some laundry, unpacked a little and then decided to go to the grocery store. when i left for the store, both cats were in the living room, just hanging out.
45 minutes later:
i get home from the store and bring my groceries in. otis immediately comes running out to me but milo doesn’t. i thought that was a little weird, but figured he was still a little scared in the new place and was hiding in the closet (where he spent most of yesterday). not in the closet. not in the bathroom. not in the laundry room. not in the refrigerator (yes, i seriously checked the refrigerator). 
i call my sister. she immediately comes over to help me look. we ransack the place. i mean, checked every square inch. no sign of milo. i take treats outside and call his name. i’m convinced that there’s no way he got out but he wasn’t in the apartment, so that was the only other option.
more panic. many tears. nausea. 
what am i going to do?
hour and 30 minutes later:
kate went home to use the internet to alert the microchip company that milo might turn up somewhere and to contact me. (by the way, i’ve never been more thankful that my cats are micro-chipped. if you have them and they’re not, you should seriously consider doing it.) she comes back with my BIL justin. he ransacks the place, too. no sign.
at this point, i’m beside myself. i don’t know what i’m going to do if i can’t find him. (by the way, i have no idea what i’m going to do if i have children and this happens.)
justin starts looking in the kitchen, kate’s outside, i’m standing in the living room praying. 
“found him!” 
those are my two favorite words today. justin, in all his great wisdom, checked under the cabinets on the floor to see if there were any gaps between the cabinets and the baseboards. sure enough. 
this is where milo was hanging out.
i had the hold my phone up so high that i couldn’t even see what it was taking a photo of

he’s still just hanging out in there. taking naps, eating treats. investigating. kate, justin, and i decided it was his man cave. he seems to be enjoying himself.

sweet, sweet relief. 

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  1. so sweet.
    glad you found him!! I know what you mean by panic when you can't find them… My fiance thinks I am nuts because I wont sleep if I can not account for all of mine & we just got a puppy so it is even worse now!! Glad he is safe & sound & back to being a happy kitty!!

    happy Monday.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  2. Oh gosh! I am so glad you have found him. My kitty Lola does not like change. When we moved she hid in the bathroom wedged between the tub and vanity. Then it was between the wall and fridge. She spent the next few weeks in my closet. Very dramatic!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  3. Nicole wrote:

    I am so glad that you found him. That must have been such a scary feeling to have experienced.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  4. You poor thing! The heart-in-the-throat, trying not to freak feeling is the worst. Thank goodness you found him — I love that he's got his own 'man cave'!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  5. Jaimelyn wrote:

    I would've freaked out as well! ….and just so you don't think you're too crazy, I too have checked the fridge for my lost cat!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  6. Alice wrote:

    I know exactly how you feel. We moved house last October and both my cats managed to escape over the night on their first night, out of a locked catflap. One was still hiding in the garden but the other one was no where to be found. I was devastated. Then in the middle of the night we heard him crying outside. I'm so glad you found him. They cause such heartache don't they? x

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  7. Amy wrote:

    I know that horrible feeling all too well… Our cat, Levi (who we bottle raised from the time he was about 3 weeks old) went missing about a year ago for well over a week. I was absolutely beside myself… crying, panic attacks, multiple calls to local shelters/animal control… We put up signs in our neighborhood and SURE ENOUGH one of our neighbors had him! It apparently didn't even cross her mind that this super-friendly, clean, and comfortable with other cats & dogs stray kitty that appeared on her doorstep could possibly be someone's beloved pet! I was so thankful to get him back but, obviously still a little bitter 😉

    Glad your sweet Milo is safe and sound!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  8. glad you found him! i know that must have been super scary!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  9. gayle wrote:

    When it was still just me and one of my dogs, Monty, he went missing one morning. I had left the gate open three days earlier after mowing. He doesn't venture off, but I left him out longer than usual that morning while I was getting ready for work, because it was so nice outside that day. He finally got curious. My next door neighbor saw him while leaving for work, he was trotting after a jogger, and at second glance, she could tell he wasn't really "with" the jogger. She took him to their house, which explains why I heard him when I was calling his name — he was in her back yard! That panic was SO intense… I completely understand how you feel!!!

    I'm so glad you found Milo!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  10. Melissa wrote:

    Ahh! What a helpless, terrifying feeling! I was on the edge of my seat reading this! So happy for you that you found him!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  11. Animals! Sometimes they drive me crazy but then they come and snuggle and all is forgiven 🙂


    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  12. glad you found your cat! I often can't fine one or both of my children,so I know exactly how this feels;)

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  13. Jessica wrote:

    Oh, goodness! I know this kind of panic! A week after I got my puppy she got out of the yard and I had no idea where she got off to. We put up posters all over the neighborhood and someone called the next morning. She was three houses down! Pets really are like children. So glad you found sweet Milo!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  14. Oh my goodness! Girlfriend, I just can't even begin to imagine if I lost my big boy! I would be a total mess, too!! So happy you were able to find him!! 🙂

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    I. COMPLETELY. understand! So glad Milo was found.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  16. Ashley wrote:

    Soo glad you found him!!! What a stinker!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  17. Crystal wrote:

    Aren't they sneaky little buggers. I would have panicked too, sooooo glad you found him.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  18. talk about relief! those cats are so cute.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  19. Lauren wrote:

    Oh my gosh that's got to be one of the worst feelings in the world! It seems to happen to me about once a week although thankfully it's only for 10 minutes tops and not for as long as you had to endure. I always know that he didn't actually get out of the condo (we're on the 16th floor) but apparently I have a pretty wild imagination lol. So happy you found him in his man cave! Ps – I have a sneaking suspicion that cats are extra quiet when they know you're looking for them. They never meow when you need them to 😉

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  20. Amy wrote:

    OH MY GOSH! I've had the feeling but my cat actually snuck outside…he was gone ALL DAY…i was flipping out, posting on craigslist, running around flailing my arms, sobbing, and almost hallucinating. You are NOT alone. Thankfully he came back home by the end of the night covered in dirt.
    I agree with Lauren, cats ARE extra quiet when you need to find them, shifty shifty.
    I'm so glad you found him, and i'm glad he now has a man cave AND you know where it is!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  21. Oh my goodness!
    I'm SO SO glad he wasn't really lost!
    My heart was beating fast as I read through this lol!

    I thought Boots got out & ran away once and I literally fell down in my living room crying..

    #crazycatpeople 😉


    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  22. That is so scary…I'm glad you found him. When my cat is missing, I always know she's hiding under the covers (it's possible she gets that from me)!


    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  23. Maria wrote:

    Monday strikes again!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  24. A similar situation happened to me when I was staying with my in laws, my dog Teddy was not at their house when I came home from work. I went outside called his name and he didn't come. They live out in the country so a million things went through my mind, I cried and called my in laws! Come to find out my father in law took him up to his office with him!! It ws such a relief!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    I am SO happy you found him!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    Okay, so the story is not funny, but I had to laugh because I checked your blog this morning, and didn't see a post, which I thought was odd, but knew you were moving. I just got back from having to go and get my dogs, after I have been driving around looking for them because they escaped my backyard and someone was kind enough to call me so I decided to check out your blog again and calm down a little only to find that you have had the same problem, darn missing pets! I hate when they give you such a heartattack, makes me think they are taking years off of my life! But I can't live without them! Glad you found him, snuggle him good!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  27. Kate wrote:

    the worst!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  28. I deal with this all the time with Tank, scares me to death! So glad you found him!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  29. Bethany wrote:

    I got a good laugh out of your post…not because I am heartless but because I can releate and I am so glad I'm not the only one who panics so at the thought of a lost cat. My cat Phoebe did the EXACT SAME THING about 2 months ago. She normally comes running to the door when I come home, but one morning when I came home from church, she was nowhere to be found. I checked under beds, in closets, behind furniture, in the tub (she LOVES the tub), and everywhere else I could think of and could. not. find. her. In a panic I called my brother and while he was getting in his truck to come over and help me look (aka calm me down), I saw her little head peek out from beneath my cupboard! She was chillin' like a villain in there and had no interest in coming out. She's not done it since, but I'll know where to look first the next time she goes missing. 🙂

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    When I first got my kitten she got under the cabinets and through a hole into the floorboards.. I spent 3 hours in panic mode. Crying!

    We looked everywhere.. calling (although she didn't know her name fully by then.. or us properly I had only had her for 3 days)

    UNTIL my dog was sniffing around in the dining room, scratching the floors and lying down, we pulled up the floor through 3 separate rooms.. and there she was snoozing under the floor boards! Cats are sneaky. But I couldn't live without her 🙂

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  31. Kimberly wrote:

    I'm so glad you found him. Whew!

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  32. Casey wrote:

    My husband thought he let my cat (that I have had way before I met him!) out of the house when our new bed was being delivered. He looked everywhere, and even called the delivery company to see if they had seen her run out. He was freaking out and then he found her hiding in the back of my closet about 10 minutes before i got home. He said he had no idea what he was going to say to me. i've never lost her, but I know I would be just as panicky.

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    I can relate to this story on soooo many levels. However it may be even a little worse…. please don't nominate me for worst mommy of the year award. My husband was getting into the shower, my almost 2 yr old son was sitting in the living room playing with a puzzel, I walked into the kitchen to put something in a beach bag. (We were getting ready to head to the beach.) Seriously I had just walked away for a couple of minutes. We always keep all of the doors shut and the house is pretty child proof. So I realized I didn't hear him, which is unusual. So I walked just a couple of steps around the corner and didn't see him. Still no panic yet, I figured he had walked down the hallway. Went down the hallway, all of the doors are still shut. Then panic starts to set in…he couldn't have just disappeared. I start calling for him. I start opening all the doors which he can't even reach the door handles yet. No sign of my son, I start yelling at this point. My husband comes running out of the shower (still soapy, no clothes…lol). By this point I'm running outside too. I didn't think he could unlock doors and open them yet but just in case, I'm yelling outside for him too. I go back inside, my husband opens a door to a bedroom and starts to shut it back when out of the corner of his eye he spots a smiling little boy. I cannot even begin to explain the horror. My heart fell to a million pieces. After we found him, I cried literally for the next 20 to 30 minutes. Apparently one of the doors wasn't shut very well and he was able to just push it open and when he walked in he pushed it closed. Usually he's a little chatter box but it's almost like he knew "hehehehe…let's freak mommy out and hide!" Up to today I have NEVER felt a worse feeling than I did for just those few short minutes. He was only "lost" for probably 3 minutes but it felt like 3,000 minutes. So glad you found your cat! And one day when you have kids I hope you remember my story when your little one hides from you. LOL

    May your week be filled with more relaxing moments, no more lost scares!

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  34. So glad for the happy ending! It is a horrible feeling when a cat goes missing.

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  35. Once saw a sign that said "One toilet away from the perfect man cave." Looks like that is what Milo's got going on! 🙂

    Posted 5.1.12 Reply
  36. SO glad this story had a happy ending!! Losing your cat, even temporarily, is SCARY stuff!

    Posted 5.2.12 Reply
  37. Stephanie wrote:

    Aww! I'm so glad you found him! I can't imagine what would happen to me if our doggie went missing. They're our babies!

    Calling it his man cave is making me laugh.

    Posted 5.2.12 Reply
  38. I know that feeling!!! Glad you found him. When we got our dog Dave (yes Dave, don't judge!), my cat Derby (who suspiciously looks like Milo) hid out way above our kitchen cabinets for a good two weeks. Cats get creative when they're freaked out.

    Posted 5.2.12 Reply
  39. Jena wrote:

    That is basically what happened when I thought I lost my cat, Simba! Just got home from a conference (I was living with my dad and brother at the time) and Simba didn't greet me. NBD.. probably harassing my sister's cat, Lolo somewhere. Go through the same motions.. check every room, corner, cabinet -> shake treats -> check again -> shake treats teary-eyed -> panic and call my entire family. My brother starts driving around the neighborhood looking for Simba, my dad's trying to calm me down and reminds me that Simba has gotten in my box springs before. So we shake the bed and hear a faint meow. I about DIED!!! Probably one of the worst days of my life! Glad you found Mr. Milo! 🙂

    Posted 5.2.12 Reply
  40. Jamie wrote:

    I'm SO glad you found him!! That happened to one of my kitties a few years ago. There was an opening under the cabinet and she got up there and squeezed her way behind the dishwasher! I spent hours looking for her and the maintenance guy had to remove the dishwasher to get her out. I have never panicked that much in my life!

    <3 Jamie

    Posted 5.3.12 Reply

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