this morning, the unthinkable happened. 

one of the cats was lost. milo, to be exact. 

here's what happened:

i woke up, with 2 cats hogging both my pillows. did some laundry, unpacked a little and then decided to go to the grocery store. when i left for the store, both cats were in the living room, just hanging out.

45 minutes later:
i get home from the store and bring my groceries in. otis immediately comes running out to me but milo doesn't. i thought that was a little weird, but figured he was still a little scared in the new place and was hiding in the closet (where he spent most of yesterday). not in the closet. not in the bathroom. not in the laundry room. not in the refrigerator (yes, i seriously checked the refrigerator). 


i call my sister. she immediately comes over to help me look. we ransack the place. i mean, checked every square inch. no sign of milo. i take treats outside and call his name. i'm convinced that there's no way he got out but he wasn't in the apartment, so that was the only other option.

more panic. many tears. nausea. 

what am i going to do?

hour and 30 minutes later:
kate went home to use the internet to alert the microchip company that milo might turn up somewhere and to contact me. (by the way, i've never been more thankful that my cats are micro-chipped. if you have them and they're not, you should seriously consider doing it.) she comes back with my BIL justin. he ransacks the place, too. no sign.

at this point, i'm beside myself. i don't know what i'm going to do if i can't find him. (by the way, i have no idea what i'm going to do if i have children and this happens.)

justin starts looking in the kitchen, kate's outside, i'm standing in the living room praying. 

"found him!" 

those are my two favorite words today. justin, in all his great wisdom, checked under the cabinets on the floor to see if there were any gaps between the cabinets and the baseboards. sure enough. 

this is where milo was hanging out.
i had the hold my phone up so high that i couldn't even see what it was taking a photo of
he's still just hanging out in there. taking naps, eating treats. investigating. kate, justin, and i decided it was his man cave. he seems to be enjoying himself.

sweet, sweet relief.