product spotlight: mark's get treatment

as you may know, i've been a mark. rep for a few months now - aka i wanted a legit reason to buy a ton of their products. 

i thought i'd share with you my opinion on my newest purchase - mark.'s get treatment anti-acne overnight fix.

i've been blessed with pretty good skin (i also religiously wash my face and wear sunscreen) but, like everyone, i break out from time to time. so i wanted to try mark's remedy. 

so far, i think i like it. all you have to do is apply a little bit to your problem area and leave it on over night. it's very similar to a face mask - the white cream hardens a little so that it doesn't wipe off on your pillow. 

when you wake up, you just wash your face and the cream comes off. it's definitely helped to control my break-outs.

why hasn't someone created a miracle cream that makes break-outs disappear overnight?! 

wanna try this product for yourself? go to my mark. store here!


  1. Take a regular aspirin, crush it, make a thick paste with a few drops of water and apply to area. Better than any product available and super cheap!

  2. I bet that product smells delish!

  3. Apple Cinnamon?! I already feel enticed! ;-)

    I've been lucky with great skin, too, but Houston is making me think otherwise. Ha! Thanks a lot, humidity!


    i stumbled across this blog today and immediately thought of you

  5. I'm still on the search for the magic luck yet. Mostly I just use toothpaste on problem areas - sounds crazy but it works!


  6. I have to ask, have you ever tried the old toothpaste overnight method? How about a swab of rubbing alcohol? How does this product compare/compete with them?

    I too have been blessed with amazing skin (ie I made it through my teens with a blemish here and a blemish there very rarely). However, in the last year or so I have had a little bit more of a problem. Nothing serious compared to many others, but more than I've had to deal with before.

    I'm all about whatever works! Love to hear your take.

  7. Ok I totally just clicked on your link and made my first mark order ever!!! Thanks to your sis I found your blog!!

  8. Kate Somerville Eradikate acne treatment is the overnight solution you've been looking for. :) Seriously disappears in one or two nights. It's really amazing!


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