sponsor spotlight: susan @ suzels says

i’m so excited to introduce you to FMGD’s newest addition. 
meet susan.
i went ahead and stole this amazing photo
from her blog because, well, it’s amazing.
here’s what she has to say:
Hi there! I’m Susan from Suzels Says. About 5 years ago I ventured down to college in the South. I liked sweet tea and the world y’all so much that I decided to stay! Now I’m in the real world, trying to figure out who let me graduate and how to act like a grown-up. I love Jesus, photography, my friends and family, and my boyfriend David..who happens to be a minor league baseball player (not as glamorous as it sounds :). My blog is a reflection of the above and this charming little life that God has blessed me with. Hope you stop by and say hi, I love new visitors!
so go check out her blog here
also, she’s hosting a fabulous blogger coffee mug swap that looks SO fun. i’ve already signed up to participate and cannot wait to get paired with someone to swap mugs! 

basically, you e-mail her to sign up and then get paired up with another blogger. you exchange info and send each other a new coffee mug, based on their “blog personality”. once you get your mug, write a little post about it and link up with Suzels Says to share it with other participants.
new coffee mug & new friend?! what more could you ask for!
and, hey, maybe you and i could get paired up 🙂
for full details go here

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  1. Allyson wrote:

    She is precious! I'm going to go check her out right now.


    Posted 4.1.12 Reply
  2. lori wrote:

    okay susan and her blog are adorable! thanks for introducing us to her… definitely getting in on that mug swap!

    Posted 4.1.12 Reply
  3. I am shocked you stumbled across this faBuLoUs little blog (that I LOVE!) I just found her a few weeks ago and am totally stoked to get my mug!! And cannot wait to see what my mug partner sends 🙂 Thanks for spotlighting her blog and the mug swap cause I am so excited to see everyones link ups! Love your blog too 🙂

    Posted 4.2.12 Reply
  4. What a great idea! A mug swap! I'll have to head over and check it out!

    And yes, that photo of her is AMAZING.

    Posted 4.2.12 Reply
  5. Victoria wrote:

    I took a look at her blog today….Now I have another one to read. 🙂 I definitely want to sign up for the mug swap! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Posted 4.3.12 Reply

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