sponsor spotlight: susan @ suzels says

i'm so excited to introduce you to FMGD's newest addition. 

meet susan.

i went ahead and stole this amazing photo
from her blog because, well, it's amazing.

here's what she has to say:

Hi there! I'm Susan from Suzels Says. About 5 years ago I ventured down to college in the South. I liked sweet tea and the world y'all so much that I decided to stay! Now I'm in the real world, trying to figure out who let me graduate and how to act like a grown-up. I love Jesus, photography, my friends and family, and my boyfriend David..who happens to be a minor league baseball player (not as glamorous as it sounds :). My blog is a reflection of the above and this charming little life that God has blessed me with. Hope you stop by and say hi, I love new visitors!

so go check out her blog here

also, she's hosting a fabulous blogger coffee mug swap that looks SO fun. i've already signed up to participate and cannot wait to get paired with someone to swap mugs! 

basically, you e-mail her to sign up and then get paired up with another blogger. you exchange info and send each other a new coffee mug, based on their "blog personality". once you get your mug, write a little post about it and link up with Suzels Says to share it with other participants.

new coffee mug & new friend?! what more could you ask for!

and, hey, maybe you and i could get paired up :)

for full details go here


  1. She is precious! I'm going to go check her out right now.


  2. okay susan and her blog are adorable! thanks for introducing us to her... definitely getting in on that mug swap!

  3. I am shocked you stumbled across this faBuLoUs little blog (that I LOVE!) I just found her a few weeks ago and am totally stoked to get my mug!! And cannot wait to see what my mug partner sends :) Thanks for spotlighting her blog and the mug swap cause I am so excited to see everyones link ups! Love your blog too :)

  4. What a great idea! A mug swap! I'll have to head over and check it out!

    And yes, that photo of her is AMAZING.

  5. I took a look at her blog today....Now I have another one to read. :) I definitely want to sign up for the mug swap! Thanks for the tip. :)


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