trend watch: high-low hemline

have you guys noticed all the high-low skirts and dresses in stores these days?
i haven’t quite decided how i feel about this funky little hemline. i like that it’s different. i don’t like that it can look like the piece of clothing was very poorly made (i.e. doesn’t have an even hemline in the front and back). 
here’s some that i’ve seen around:
the limited


forever 21
so, what do you think? 
are you planning on adding one to your spring/summer wardrobe?

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  1. I can't decide if I'm a fan or not. One plus side is that the skirt being longer in the back makes it a little more work appropriate.

    Maybe I'll find the perfect one and join the fad soon, just haven't seen one that I could see myself wearing yet!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  2. I like the teal one above that has an extreme difference. That way it looks like it's supposed to be like that, rather than just cheaply made!


    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  3. jesspoole wrote:

    I'm not a huge fan, but in the pictures you show, I don't mind the floral one, because the difference isn't too severe. But your right, if its a cheap piece, you will see the hemline from the inside as well, and it may not be so pretty!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  4. I'm not loving the whole uneven hemline thing, either, but like Samantha said, at least the teal one is designed to look uneven. If I were to add one of these skirts to my summer wardrobe, it would have to be significantly shorter in the front.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  5. I kind of like them! I have seen this in tops too and like those even better than the skirts ~

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  6. I like the first and last ones. I think in a short skirt it looks awkward, like the person wearing it felt uncomfortable and kept pulling it down in the back. If I get one, it will be more like that last one, with a super noticeable difference from front to back, so it doesn't look like a factory defect!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  7. Emily wrote:

    I personally don't like it. I think they look cheap, even when they aren't. I haven't yet seen one that I think looks good.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  8. Kristin wrote:

    I haven't decided if I like them yet or not. I bought a similar one at forever 21…I have yet to actually wear it. Guess I'll have to try it out soon!


    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  9. Sarah wrote:

    Not a fan…. I bought a Maxi dress that was like that…. I thought it would be adorable but I hate it…. im taking it back for sure!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  10. the one from the limited is probably the only one i would consider… i don't know why but the hi-low feels very early 90s grunge to me for some reason. i've seen it look SO good on some people, but i just don't know if i could pull it off.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  11. Victoria wrote:

    They are one of those things that are cute on others and I often admire them from afar…..but I just don't feel quite comfortable inthem myself.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  12. Amanda P wrote:

    Ick, not a fan at all!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  13. I hate this hemline on long dresses and especially on wedding dresses. But I think it looks kind of cute on shorter skirts, like the one from Delia's that you pictured.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  14. Ashley wrote:

    Definitely NOT a fan! I came across your blog through your sister! You girls are so stylish and fun to follow!! 🙂

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  15. Angie wrote:

    I saw lots of the high/low dresses at prom this year!
    It's not something I love for sure

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  16. AH! I actually just bought one & I'm wearing it in my post today 🙂
    I was on the fence but I'm scared of maxi skirts and this is a good alternative for us shorties!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  17. Kathleen wrote:

    A couple weeks ago I bought a dress that has a high-low hemline from Francesca's boutique. (It was only 6 dollars) And I have to say…I love it! 🙂 It looks adorable on! Plus it's from Francesca's, and everything from there is adorable!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  18. I like it on longer skirts, not so much on shorter skirts. Like someone said above, I find on short skirts it just looks like the person wearing it has been pulling down on the back too much!!

    I have seen it look quite like on the SIDE though, so the high/low is angled?

    Interesting note that everyone is referring to them as "high/low" skirts or dresses…much nicer then the more common "mullet" skirts I've heard them phrased as here!!!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  19. I've been seeing those around too and I'm in the same boat; not really sure what I think about them. The last pictured one from Forever 21 is cute, but I'm not feeling most of the others I've seen around. I think that style just reminds me of something you would see on an island somewhere…not really something you would wear out in the city.

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  20. Leigh Anne wrote:

    Did you and Jessica coordinate posts today !? haha … hmm it looks cute on the pictures that Jess has on her blog. But I love her and don't think she could look bad in anything. But personally I don't think I'd ever buy one… I don't understand them and I know it would be horribly unflattering on me.

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
    • haha we didn't! but after my post went up i realized that we talked about the same thing – so funny! and yes, it looks totally cute on her, of course!

      Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  21. SLD wrote:

    early 90's is right! We wore this "waterfall" hemline as bridesmaids in my brother's wedding circa 1993! HA!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  22. Abi wrote:

    I was hesitant at first, but after trying a few pieces on that have the high/low hemline..I fell for them. They feel super girly on, and it's like you have a little train! I have several pieces now with that hemline, and love wearing them!

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  23. Hate them will not be getting one.

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    I hate them too….I think if I did wear one, I'd wear it backwards…I mean, whose knees look good? if your fat, you have fat knees, if you're skinny, you have bony knees…if you're inbetween, your knees still don't look sexy. but what is nice about most women are their calves…so, ya' I'd wear it backwards.

    Posted 4.27.12 Reply
  25. Tonya wrote:

    I think you found some cute ones but I agree with the other comments. It has to be well made and the difference enough so it's clear it's a deliberate design element.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  26. Val wrote:

    I wasn't sure about this trend, I was kind of anti it (my sister and I called it the mullet dress) and then I found one that i just loved and now I'm a little hooked! Here is my post where I'm wearing it!


    Posted 6.15.12 Reply

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