i'm not the only one, right?

i made the mistake of walking in Ulta yesterday "just to look". 

ummm, lauren, you've never really been great at the whole "just looking" thing. you almost always walk out of a store a little less loaded (ummm, lauren, you are not loaded. in fact, after yesterday, you're probably on the border of being poor.) remember that next time.

i walked out with a bag of some new goodies:
i was so excited about it that i shared it on instagram.
side note: are you on instagram? do you love it as much as me? it's like facebook, but better. let's be honest, the only reason people still go on facebook is to stalk other peoples' photos, right? i hope i'm not the only one

so, yeah. i'm slightly obsessed with my new revlon lip color. perfect for summer. or rainy wednesdays. or both.

just a blue dress

dress: francesca's | necklace: target | shoes: franco sarto | bangles: forever 21

yesterday morning, my sis and i went on an hour long bike ride early in the morning. i actually didn't realize just how much of a workout it was going to be. but, i will tell you one thing, i have new respect for people who can bike (or do any sort of physical activity) every single day of their lives. i'm not sure if i have it in me.

i also don't know that i loved being hungry all day. no matter what i ate, i just couldn't  feel full. and that usually isn't great. because then i start eating things i shouldn't. like pizza (for dinner) and ice cream (for dessert). oh, well. it was tuesday. i was...celebrating?

zara crushes

this is what i'm currently swooning over from zara:

1. polka dot/leopard scarf, here
2. geometric panel necklace, here
3. city bag with zip, here
4. single button blazer, here
5. pleated shirt, here
6. t-shirt with asymmetric hem, here
7. pencil skirt, here
8. pointed ballerina flats, here

apartment tour: eating room

table: ikea | green chairs: ikea | black bench: home goods | manzanita branch: marshall's | EAT letters: joann fabrics | curtains (on wall) : ikea | cubbies : target | wall art: home goods

high five for friday

it's fridaaaaaaay! yeah yeah yeah.
this makes me happy. 
i like friday.

let's get to it, then.

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. otis is my little buddy. no matter where i am in the apartment, i know he's not far. unless he's taking a nap...or wrestling with his brother.

2. the simple pleasures of actually getting to eat breakfast. i never really had time to eat a real breakfast during the semester, so i'm trying to enjoy every one that i get this summer.

3. summer fruit is the berries. er, cantaloupe. i love it. all of it.

4. this happened this week! eeeek! so, so thankful for all my lovely readers (ahem, that means YOU). you guys are the bomb diggity.

5. this little face. can't handle it. 

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current crush: hot pink

today i'm linking up with Danielle over at Framed Frosting for current crush thursday's

so, what's my current crush?
hot pink.
i've never really liked the color pink until about 3 weeks ago. now i can't get enough of it.

current phone case:
kate spade 
current nail color:
sonia kashuk's dream of genie polish from target
current wallet:
michael kors

see what i mean?
pink. everywhere. and i dig it.

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my favorite maxi

dress: target | necklace: francesca's | watch: fossil | vest: tj maxx

apartment tour: work space

i still have some things to finish and fill in, but you get the idea of how it looks.
i love having a real desk and tons of storage for all of my stuff.

here's to hoping to actually motivates me to get some work done sometimes.

last week

just a few photos from our girl's trip to SC last week.

it's times like these that make me wish i had a teleporting machine to take me back to our musty little cottage, sitting around the dining room table, laughing and making jewelry with my two favorite girls.

p.s. you can find the elephant necklace here and the bag in brown here

high five for friday

happy friday! 

for those of you that are new, every friday i host a link-up called "High Five for Friday". it's a time to look back at your week and share five of your favorite things from it! join in, won't you?

here's five of my favorite things from this week:

1. my mom, sister, and i went on a quick girl's trip down to south carolina and stayed in this beautiful cottage. we had such a good time shopping, eating, laughing, shopping, and shopping. did i mention we shopped?!

2. FMGD reached 1300 followers. cray. you guys are the bomb.
 3. i saw this wallet and card case at the MK outlet and knew i had to have it. it's the perfect pink, like a rosy raspberry. i'm in love. 
the name of the color is zinnia
 4. this was heaven. (if you look closely, you can see kate in the right corner!)

5. sister time! when we spend too much time together, we digress into our childish ways. that's normal, right?

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apartment tour: closet & mom's room

just LOOK at this closet space, folks! incredible.
 i needed a new way to organize all my jewelry, so this is what i came up with!
dresser: ikea | striped tray: ikea | white bowls :target | coral bowl: anthro | cheetah print bowl: furbish 
i found this shutter and knew that it would be perfect for hanging all my earrings on
shutter: home goods

and here's my mom's room! i purposely chose an apartment with an extra room so that she had her own space when she comes to visit! doesn't it look great!?
pillow covers: the lacey placey (etsy) | lamps: target | tables: ikea | blanket: home goods