high five for friday

friday. friday. friday.
i like you. 
here’s five of my favorite things from this past week:
1. my sister and i celebrated a successful moving day with some frozen yogurt. which also happens to be 30 seconds away from my new apartment. which also happens to be a huge problem because i now want fro yo everyday. 
2. my BIL justin graduates this weekend so we’re having a little celebration this weekend with his family and ours.
me and BIL at the hunger games 
3. the boys have settled in pretty well to the new place, after the missing cat fiasco earlier this week. 

4. making breakfast in my new apartment. i love having a bigger kitchen!
5. my parents come to town today! my dad will be here for a couple days and my mom is staying for a couple weeks! lots of good times coming. 
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  1. oh i love frozen yogurt. and i hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating your BILs graduation (you know, even if he is a Duke fan…) hehe i'm a Carolina fan 🙂

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  2. Hmmmm….fro yo, parties, moms and big kitchens for big breakies — yep, I love all those things too! Happy Friday!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    i'd have a hard time not eating frozen yogurt every day if it was that close!!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  4. Lauren wrote:

    Sounds like a great week. That frozen yogurt could be dangerous though!! I just realized there's a gelato place about 5 minutes from my condo. :S Wish me luck.
    Have a great weekend!!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  5. Tristan wrote:

    Oh lord, fro yo is my crack. It's so so great!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  6. The breakfast looks SO DELISH.
    Come cook for me in Florida? 🙂

    AND I'm so glad that there isn't a fro yo place near me…I'd be screwed!

    Happy FRIDAAAY!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this! I am so happy I found it! I love looking through all the links! :)I'm happy you are all settled in and happy!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  8. Angie wrote:

    Souns like awesome family time ahead! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  9. Yum! Now I want some fro yo! Enjoy your time with your parents!

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  10. Jamie wrote:

    Sounds like you had an awesome week! I wish we had a fro yo place close to our house. I'm sure there is one, I just haven't found one yet! And I'm glad your kitties are settling well into the new place. I would always worry that mine would rebel whenever we moved.

    Have a great weekend!!

    <3 Jamie

    Posted 5.4.12 Reply
  11. Christa wrote:

    I'm new and I missed it this week, but will link up next week, definitely. Such a positive spin on an otherwise dreary world! I love it!

    Posted 5.5.12 Reply
  12. Hey! I came over from Kelly's Korner. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I may be copying some of your outfits. 🙂
    Wendy from NC (Mt. Holly)

    Posted 5.6.12 Reply
  13. Lulu wrote:

    I've just discovered your blog and really like it!
    Your frozen yoghurt looks so delicious:)
    London is rainy at the moment, feels like we will never get a summer this year, frozen yoghurt feels like a lifetime away!
    Lulu x x

    Posted 5.6.12 Reply

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