high five for friday

happy friday! 
for those of you that are new, every friday i host a link-up called “High Five for Friday”. it’s a time to look back at your week and share five of your favorite things from it! join in, won’t you?
here’s five of my favorite things from this week:
1. my mom, sister, and i went on a quick girl’s trip down to south carolina and stayed in this beautiful cottage. we had such a good time shopping, eating, laughing, shopping, and shopping. did i mention we shopped?!
2. FMGD reached 1300 followers. cray. you guys are the bomb.
 3. i saw this wallet and card case at the MK outlet and knew i had to have it. it’s the perfect pink, like a rosy raspberry. i’m in love. 
the name of the color is zinnia
 4. this was heaven. (if you look closely, you can see kate in the right corner!)

5. sister time! when we spend too much time together, we digress into our childish ways. that’s normal, right?
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  1. love it! congrats on the follower milestone! that's awesome! and i am loving those MK pieces 🙂 have a great weekend!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    that cottage looks so cute!! and how fun to spend the weekend with your mom and sister! have a great weekend lauren!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  3. LovePink wrote:

    I have the pink MK bag in Zinnia and I LOVE it. I may have to hunt for that wallet this weekend! I have an MK outlet nearby! Thanks for posting it! 🙂

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  4. Meg Cady wrote:

    My parents live in SC and it is FOR SURE one on my fave places!
    Glad you got a little shopping get away with your fam!!


    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  5. Laura wrote:

    LOVE that MK card case. i must have it!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  6. I looooove that wallet. Seeing your post about what's in your purse made me want to organize mine. I never seem to have what I need when I have mine with me! Thanks! and I love linking up with you for high five for Friday!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  7. Courtney wrote:

    I love that new wallet, so cute!

    And congrats on 1300 followers, holy moly girl!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  8. Saw the MK wallet on your instagram, I LOVE it!!

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  9. I just want to say that I love your blog and I think you and I would have a lot of fun together. Happy Friday! 🙂

    Posted 5.18.12 Reply
  10. Amy D. wrote:

    Yay for fun weekends!

    What MK outlet did you get the wallet and card case at? I live in Myrtle Beach and was wondering if you got the wallet and card case at that MK outlet?

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
    • it's from the Hilton Head outlets!

      Posted 5.22.12 Reply
    • Amy D. wrote:

      Darn! Maybe I will call and see if the MB outlet has them. I love the color!

      By the way, your blog is one of my favorites. I'm also a huge Duke fan!

      Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  11. Amy D. wrote:

    Do you know the name of the wallet and card case? I know you said the color was zinnia but did the wallet and card case have a product name?

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply

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