i made the mistake of walking in Ulta yesterday "just to look". 

ummm, lauren, you've never really been great at the whole "just looking" thing. you almost always walk out of a store a little less loaded (ummm, lauren, you are not loaded. in fact, after yesterday, you're probably on the border of being poor.) remember that next time.

i walked out with a bag of some new goodies:
i was so excited about it that i shared it on instagram.
side note: are you on instagram? do you love it as much as me? it's like facebook, but better. let's be honest, the only reason people still go on facebook is to stalk other peoples' photos, right? i hope i'm not the only one

so, yeah. i'm slightly obsessed with my new revlon lip color. perfect for summer. or rainy wednesdays. or both.