today is the day

that i get internet. hallelujah. it’s been about 6 days without it. 
which feels like a lifetime. 
sorry for the dramatics. 
milo can barely stand not being able to check his facebook every day. 
guest posting over at The Small Things Blog about what’s in my purse! check it out here.

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  1. Yay! I know what you mean. Whenever I'm without Internet I feel like I'm cut off from the world. Such a first world problem right? Haha

    Posted 5.8.12 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Fun idea with "what's in my purse." I like the font u labeled your stuff with in the picture- what's the name of the font you used?

    Posted 5.8.12 Reply
  3. Marissa wrote:

    Cute post Lauren! I loved seeing what was in your purse. And I love your purse & wallet. Super rustic! xoxo

    Posted 5.8.12 Reply
  4. Angie wrote:

    Yay- Glad your back!!!

    Posted 5.8.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your wallet, what kind is it?
    Hope your move went well!

    Posted 5.8.12 Reply
  6. Molly wrote:

    Lauren, I'm having trouble finding the Fossil wallet (I want it so bad)! Do you know where I can get it?

    Posted 5.9.12 Reply

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