high five for friday

fridays are great. but this friday is especially great. why? because it's my mom's birthday!
happy birthday, mom! thank you for all that you've done. for teaching me to be generous, through the way that you live. for teaching me to have a positive self-image and to be confident with who i am. basically, thanks for everything. you da best and i love you!

(pardon the interruption. now returning to regular programming.)

here's five of my favorite things from this week:

1. i woke up wednesday morning to the sound of rain outside my window and decided that it pretty much doesn't get better than that. unless you add a movie, sweatpants, and breakfast in bed. yeah, that sounds good.
2. i bought a bike earlier this week and have loved going on bike rides with my sister this week. 

3. these guys. nuff said.
4. less than 60 days until my future roomie moves in! yessss!

5. this book is hilarious. if you're looking for a new read, check it out. 

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  1. yay! happy birthday to your mommy!! and i really wanna read Mindy Kaling's book! she is so funny! happy friday!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! :-)

    And you know I'm always a sucker for photos of M & O!

    Happy Friday! WAHOO! Enjoy your weekend, Lauren!

  3. I love Mindy Kaling. I can't wait for her new show. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  4. That picture of the rain is SO professional!!! Love it girlie!

    Happy birthday to Moms and a happy friday to you!!

  5. I LOVED Mindy Kalig's book. You're right, it was absolutely hilarious! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. I just found your blog, and high five for friday is such an awesome idea. I'm your newest follower, and link-up participant! Also, happy birthday to your sweet mama!



  7. Can we all just agree now that Amy Poehler needs to write a book??

    Happy Birthday Mom!!

    Happy Friday!!


  8. i was thinking about getting mindy kaling's book for our upcoming trip. is it a good travel read?

    1. absolutely! i read this on our Memorial Day Weekend trip, and it kept me entertained while in the car! pretty quick and easy read, and i thought it was pretty hysterical!

  9. You have inspired me to start biking more!

    happy friday xo

  10. I just read the Mindy Kaling book on my vacation last weekend! I loved it! Also love the rain, especially when you can just sit and enjoy it, without having to go outside and get the hair all messed up - haha!

    Looks like you had a great week!

    - Sara

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm going to add the Mindy Kaling book to my list of books to read, thanks for the suggestion!

    I love your blog, by the way!

    I hope you have a great weekend!


    -Eva & Kobe

  12. What a great picture of the three of you! Happy Birthday to your Mom! I'll have to check out that book.

  13. Aw happy birthday to your mom! Thanks for the book suggestion

  14. Happy birthday to your Mama!!! :) i love your sweet kitties!! Happy Friday!

  15. Your mom is adorable!!!!! Happy Birthday to her!


  16. I'm so jealous of your rainy day! Moving to Arizona from Seattle has made me appreciate those days a ton more (not that I don't love the sun!).

  17. I just finished that book. So funny!

  18. I got that book for Christmas and still haven't finished! I can't wait to finish it this summer!

  19. i just discovered your blog today and let me tell you it's one of the most adorable ones ever.

    and i've spent a majority of my work day perusing it.



  20. Happy birthday to your mom {and my younger brother}!!!!!
    I *LOVE* how every Friday your link party just grows and grows!! I think this is such a fabulous idea!!

  21. Today's my first day linking up and I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a fun link up! Have a wonderful weekend. And thanks for the comment on Mindy's book. I've been wanting to read it.

  22. Happy Friday, for sure! Rainy days are definitely great!

  23. Happy belated birthday to your mom! She's gorgeous. You and Kate look so much like her.

    I loved Mindy Kaling's book. It was laugh-out-loud hilarious.


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