high five for friday

we’ve made it to another friday. for some of you, that’s quite an accomplishment this week, so congratulations! spend today celebrating that you made it through another week! for others, you probably can’t believe it’s friday already. i just so happen to be with ya on that.

here’s five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. my new Q&A book from barnes & noble. you answer one question a day for an entire year, and continue to do that for five years. at the end of the five years, you have a book full of answers to different, random questions. i’m really excited to see how my answers will change over time!
2. a pretty typical conversation with my sister.
3. essie’s big spender is my new favorite nail color. it’s a perfect purply-magenta.
4. otis was supposed to be overseeing the construction of a new TV stand, but got a little too tired for the job, i guess. 
5. i spent a couple hours of a rainy day in bed and it was glorious, i tell you. i’m really not sure if it gets any better than that.
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  1. haha love it – that convo with your sister is exactly like a convo i'd have with my sister! hilarious. also that nail polish color is SO pretty! i love it! happy friday, lauren!! and HIGH FIVE! lol 🙂

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  2. Jaime wrote:

    Lauren, where did you get that yellow ottoman that Otis is sitting on?! Love it!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  3. Carly wrote:

    Loveeeee the nail polish color!


    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  4. Angie wrote:

    I want a Q&A book. Can you post the info about it so I know what I am looking for

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
    • they don't give a ton of info in the book, but here's what i could find that might be useful:
      title: Q&A a day
      published by: potter style
      ISBN: 978-0-307-71977-5
      and i found it in the section with all the journals/writing pads at b&n!

      Posted 6.22.12 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      i found it on amazon 🙂

      Posted 6.25.12 Reply
  5. Ash wrote:

    Ooo… I may be trying that color for my next pedicure! And you are correct… there is nothing better than staying in bed while it's raining. =)

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I LOVE the Q&A journal! My sister picked one up at Anthro this week and I am jealous!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    The Q&A journal is a fantastic idea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these.

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  8. Aubrey wrote:

    LOve the Q&A book what a great idea!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  9. Ohhh thanks for posting about that Q&A book! I have been looking for a fun gift for my doula!!!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  10. HOUSEWIFED wrote:

    Ohhh fun! This is my first High 5 for Friday ♥ Thanks Lauren!

    btw, really LOVE the Q&A book, must get @.@

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  11. Happy Friday! I love that question a day book! that would be so fun to look back on once it's all done. that nail color is awesome! annnd rainy days are the BEST!! 🙂

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  12. Jenn wrote:

    The Q&A book looks like it could be a lot of fun. This might be a great idea for my one year wedding anniversary! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  13. Thanks so much for hosting, Lauren! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the condo with Kate & the new Essie nail color….Yowza. i may need this

    Lindsay @

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  15. I'm linking up with you this week! Thanks for hosting and happy weekend!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  16. Jill wrote:

    I love that you started this tradition! I decided to join you too. #Highfive!

    – Jill @ http://www.the-undecided-blog.com

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  17. Love the High five for Friday. It's such a great idea! I tried linking up but it doesn't seem to want to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?. Anyway, your blog is bubbly and fun! I'm happy we stumbled onto it.

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  18. I feel so sneaky, because I already saw those photos on Instagram and heart-ed all of them. 🙂

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Wonderful! I might have to get me one of those Q&A Journals!!! ♥

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  20. Danielle wrote:

    That Q&A book is such a fabulous idea! It would be really awesome for a girl and guy to fill out their own book over the course of their dating and then exchange them on their wedding day!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  21. New follower!

    Although I must say I have seen this link up for weeks on weeks on many different blogs!

    happy Friday all!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  22. new follower and new to this link up! love your blog and your convo with your sis is hilarious!~ love it, thanks.

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  23. That journal sounds so fun, and that conversation looks like something between me and my sister!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  24. Emily wrote:

    Literally read this post 5 minutes ago and have already bought the Q and A a day book on amazon! For anyone who is interested here is the link! http://www.amazon.com/Q-A-Day-5-Year-Journal/dp/0307719774/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340419190&sr=8-1&keywords=q+and+a+a+day+5-year+journal

    Thanks Lauren!!!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    I just bought the Q&A Journal and I can't wait to get it!!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    Big Spender is my favorite nail polish color! I wore it the week before last. You are right it is just the perfect pinky-purple shade.

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    I had a terrific week with my teen dd. I work all the time so it has been quite a treat to hang out with her at the pool. We live in a great area with lots of parks, Y's and pools. We have the most terrific cat too and a one year Catahoula dog that I got during what must have been my break with reality. Wow, don't get a puppy until you babysit one for at least a week. High Five Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  28. Miranda wrote:

    Hi Lauren..
    Im sooooo new at this, the blog thing – the linkning proces and so on. Is it still possible to link up to the "highfives for Friday" ?
    If so – would be acceptable that only the update for the highfives is in English ? Just that Im Danish, and normally I write in danish instead.
    That means that if people are visiting my blog only (so fare, Im thinking of makeing some comments in english as well) the "highfives for Friday" is in english.

    I have started to follow your sisters blog and have for some days (not that long – but love it already) and well let me say it this way : Im supprised how good all the pics, features, sites ec looks. Not only on her site, yours as well and others. It really inspires me to be better, step up and learn something new.
    For example my blog so fare is quiet simple.. on the limit of beeing really boring. No one knows about it and so on.. he he.. still working on that as well.
    Anyway – how do I link up if its ok with you and "allowed" ?
    Thanks both of you for having entered my life with your blogs. Sometimes it fells a little like we get to know you – even if we have nevet met.
    Kind regards Miranda
    (ps sorry for any spelling mistakes.. like I said – english is not my native language)…

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  29. Miranda wrote:

    ha haha… great – thanks. But any good ideas on how? Like I said- I dont know how to link up to it.. How do I do that? Where.. ?

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply

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