high five for friday

1. thankfully, i’ll be missing the better part of the crazy heat wave that is headed our way…and to about 27 other states. i was not created for this type of weather.
2. donuts are good. 
3. i found this tiny pack of gum the other day and couldn’t resist buying it. i mean, come on. 
4. sometimes, otis likes to snuggle with milo’s feet. that’s normal, right?
5. sister and i went out to one of our favorite restaurants for her birthday. it was delicious
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  1. girl! i am not excited about the heat wave either 🙁 🙁 i'm trying to prepare myself now… sadly i will be here this weekend lol – happy friday, girl!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  2. Pamela wrote:

    It has been crazy hot! Thank goodness for pools! and ice cream! and popsicles!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    I am not a fan of our 100 degree weather that we had yesterday! happy weekend lauren!!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  4. Lauren wrote:

    100 degrees is not my favorite either! Where's the 80's!? It's starting to look like a dessert where I live in the midwest. We are praying for some rain! It's been 6 long weeks. Happy weekend!!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  5. I love love love Dunkin! I so wish they had one closer – the nearest one to me is almost two hours away. But that's probably a good thing because I can pound their coffee like nobody's business. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  6. I keep seeing that mini pack of gum on Instagram!
    And obviously you boys are the cutest 🙂

    Happy Friday and have a safe trip!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  7. We hit the triple digits in Houston recently too. Yikes.

    After living in NYC, I have missed Dunkin ever since. I mean I REALLY miss it. I take advantage of Dunkin whenever I can now!

    And Milo? So cute. I'm still so glad you adopted sibling cats. It makes me happy that they have each other!


    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  8. Michelle wrote:

    Playing along for the first time today! Looking forward to exploring your blog! 🙂

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  9. Victoria wrote:

    Cute gum! I go through the stuff like crazy sometimes but I insist on keeping small packs instead of the monster ones.

    Enjoy your break from the heat!!!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  10. Really hot in Mississippi right now too.. so thankful that I dont have to work out in this heat. First time linking up. I really enjoy your blog.

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  11. Jenn wrote:

    I seriously want Dunkin Donuts now. However, the closest one to me is about 475 miles away – not worth it. Or is it worth it?

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    How cute is that little pack of gum! Ugh, now I want one.

    Lindsay @

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  13. HOUSEWIFED wrote:

    DD @.@ I could use some too! Large hazelnut coffee w/ extra everything, soooo good ♥

    This is only my 2nd H54F and I really look fwd to it! Love reading everyone else's blogs too 😀

    Have a great weekend! TGIF!!!!

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  14. I just bought that little pack of gum! So cute!

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply

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