sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a grown-up job where you have to look professional everyday. pencil skirts, silk blouses, trench coats – the works. you know, like those professional, doing-it-all and still looking gorgeous everyday types that we see in the movies. that’s real life, right?
eh, maybe not. that’s okay. for now, i’m happy going to work in shorts and flip flops and playing dress-up on my days off.  

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  1. lemme tell you – its fun… for the first week. then the novelty wears off and all you want to do is dig up your sweats and grab some flops and work from the couch.


    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
    • Tricia wrote:

      agreed! I get tired of dressing up….. Most days I want to go to the gym and put on those comfortable clothes that allow you to MOVE!

      Posted 6.27.12 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      I totally agree. I remember being so stylish (or trying to be) when I started working. Now, I cannot wait to just wear comfy sweaters and pants to work. 🙂


      Posted 7.1.12 Reply
  2. You look adorable! Trust me, it's more fun to play dress up than to actually wear pencil skirts everyday. Well, maybe two days out of the week is fun but the other days I think "Can I just wear my pjs to work?" =)I love your color blocking too!


    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  3. Jamie wrote:

    I have a grown-up job and still don't have to dress like that! I don't think that's the reality in many lines of work these days (and I say YAY to that!). Yes, I have to dress up like that when I'm teaching clients, but that's only 5 days a month. And I agree with Maria and Rachel – not as much fun in reality as it sounds in theory! 🙂

    The Blue Hour

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  4. Alyssa wrote:

    I work in a job where that's the case. And it's fun-but sometimes challenging. I don't like to wear the same things so I try to mix it up. Luckily in the summer, bermuda shorts (from j.crew factory) that are dressy & shorter shorts are acceptable. But still, it's fun to be girly.

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  5. I too work where its a professional dressup kinda day, every day but I wish I had a job where I could wear shorts and flip flops. Oh well, we must be thankful for the job we have, right?! Sometimes I do wonder how y'all would pair professional work pieces for an outfit but I get a lot of inspiration out of what you do piece together and then just use those same colors to build my professional wardrobe!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  6. Courtney wrote:

    Haha I agree with everyone above me! I used to work at a law firm and it was fun dressing up for a while but then you just wanna wear your pj's to work! But now that I wear a "costume" every day to work since I work at Disneyland, I long for the day of wearing cute professional clothes haha.

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  7. That is funny you wonder what it is like to get dressed up all the time….I wonder what it would be like if I got to wear scrubs or something less "nice" to work everyday! Sometimes I just want to wake up and not have to worry about making sure my skirts are pressed and my hair is neatly tamed! Oh to dream! However, having the requirement to dress nice for work everyday gives me more of a reason to shop more often! So I guess it balances out right?! =)

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  8. Janice wrote:

    I have to dress up everyday … working in a law office it is the standard. We pine just to have a jean day! I do not mind it so much as I get inspired by blogs like these to reassess what I have and come up with something cute. The only major down fall I have found is pregnancy … business attire does not cater to well to the expanding belly! 🙂 I just say enjoy your attire as it, cause it will change over the years and you will want the opposite. 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    I agree! As a flight attendant I wear a uniform. I love to dress up on my days off

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  10. I dress up everyday as well. I can take it up a notch and look super professional and pretty, or I can dress more on the business casual side. On rainy days, it can be a pain to dress up, but it gives me all the more reason to wear a pencil skirt and rain boots. That's fashionable right?

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  11. Sometimes I think it'll be fun to dress cute when I'm a teacher…other times I think it'll get old really quick…

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  12. Amy wrote:

    It IS fun for about two weeks and then you realize you've worn everything you own at least 5 times…and then you have to go spend MORE money on MORE clothes…its kind of frustrating.

    Where do you work?

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  13. Sarah wrote:

    Having to dress up and look professional for work everyday is NOT what it's cracked up to be! When all my laundry is done it's more fun than when I haven't done it in a while haha… I love my evenings and weekends when I can wear whatever I want!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  14. Lisa wrote:

    I'm a Kindergarten teacher, and I will say that the first day I wore a dress, or something white, it was apparent that it was a "no no." It stinks having to dress up everyday when you need to be on the floor with kiddos all day. Not to mention all the "yuckies" that come home with me on my nice clothes. Its so funny how ecstatic all the teachers and I get on the occasional dress-down day. We wear those jeans and sweatshirts like we've got it going on!

    I guess we all want what we can't have, huh? 🙂

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  15. Tracy wrote:

    How funny – I just wondered the same thing the other day when I was watching a movie that Reese Witherspoon looked very good in!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  16. I used to have that kind of a job! I would wear heels everyday to work! But then I became a SAHM and now I miss those days all the time!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    I feel the same way sometimes! I work from home so anytime I have an excuse to dress up a bit and put on some wedges/heels I do so.
    You look fabulous by the way!

    Lindsay @

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  18. JNix wrote:

    i'm thankful for a work enviroment where we only have to dress up if we have meetings, other than that, it's pretty relaxed. so i feel like i get the best of both worlds. i love your style!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  19. I'm required to wear a suit every day, but I can get a bit more business-causal if we don't have any appointments that day. To be honest, it makes my life easier! I know what I can wear, I try to set outfits for the week on Sundays, and that's that! I only wish I had more money to buy more pretty and fun things to throw into the mix! A little at a time, I suppose!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  20. Erin wrote:

    I always wonder the same thing. My job now is a place where I get dirty so I have to wear "not so nice" clothes.
    I love to dress up on the weekends sometimes, with my cuter options!
    Love the outfit today!!!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    My last job was clinical so I was required to wear company-issued scrubs. I hated them! They were ill-fitting and not fun at all! Thankfully, I have a new job where I can dress business casual everyday. I LOVE to wear outfits with feminine pencil skirts & blouses just like the one in your picture 🙂

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  22. Nilda wrote:

    I'm a teacher so I don't have to dress up super professional, but still look good. It can be fun, especially the first few weeks back to school, but then I get bored and end up wearing the same things over and over again!

    Cute outfit thought!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  23. Kathleen wrote:

    I wear a "costume" (what Disney calls their uniforms) to work everyday. It's nice not having to come up with outfits everyday. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to come up with cute professional outfits more often! 🙂 Love your outfit! Super cute! 🙂

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  24. Amanda wrote:

    I went to law school and anticipated a lifetime of dressing all "fancy" – I just interviewed for a job working with kids and am so excited about getting to wear jeans every day, ha!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  25. Meagan wrote:

    I worked at a call centre that was casual and recently switched to a more professional job and I must say that I really love dressing up! I thought the novelty would wear off by now (4 months in) but it hasn't! I think it's because my casual style is very tomboyish with all jeans and t-shirts but work clothes force me to dress like a girl and I kinda love it 🙂

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    I too work a big girl job (a banker) and yes it is fun to dress up now that it is in to wear bright colored pencil skirts and color blocking and such… but one thing got really old…. wearing heels. Nope, it is flats for me. I wore heels for about my first year and then those would have to be for after hours.

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    That's why I love my job! I can wear professional clothes or scrubs…and to be honest I wear scrubs almost every day. Except for Fridays of course, because that's casual day and I can wear jeans. I think having to dress any certain way all the time will get old eventually. I love having so many options!

    Adorable outfit! I love the navy polka dot top with that skirt.

    Posted 6.28.12 Reply
  28. Morgan wrote:

    How do you write on your pics like that?? I need help 🙁

    Posted 6.28.12 Reply
  29. I used to work in a job where I would dress like you are in these photos. I hated that job (not because of wearing super cute outfits). Now, I work in a job I love but if I "dress up" everyone asks why. Maybe in the fall when it's not so hot I'll be able to get away with it more. 😉

    Have fun dressing up as often as you can!!

    Posted 6.28.12 Reply
  30. With my new job, I have to wear a nice clothes-white shirt and slacks or a pencil my old job I would wear shoes and jeans…I'm still trying to get used to it..

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  31. Lisa wrote:

    Having to dress up isn't all it's cracked up to be… BTW love your blog and you are way too adorable in everything.

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  32. Esther wrote:

    I used to have one of those jobs – wore cardis, pencil skirts, and cute flats (I never wear heels) every day and even fixed my hair. I loved it. My self-confidence thrived and I enjoyed looking like a professional every day.
    Then the Lord called me to work full-time at a summer camp and retreat center in central Texas and it was good-bye to cute clothes and hello to shorts and t-shirts (which I have always loathed, by the way).
    But you know what? I'm loving it here too. No matter what you wear, it's knowing that you're where you need to be that makes you thrive.
    And, of course, reading fashion blogs and shopping for professional clothes just to wear them for a few seconds in the dressing room helps a bit too 😉
    I have been beyond sad not to participate in your 30 with 30 challenge since I really wanted to do that in my old professional job, but now I only have a rotation of only about 30 pieces of clothing that I wear on a daily basis anyway. Have fun with it!
    Sorry for the super long comment from a brand new follower.

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply
  33. Katie wrote:

    I have to dress professionally every day, and I love it. Even at 8 months pregnant, I'm still rocking my cute blazers and high heels. Maternity "professional" clothes are not the cutest (helloooo polyester!) but accessories help :). I have never once hated dressing up for work. Maybe I'm weird. At home though- I am in sweatpants. My poor husband. 🙂

    Posted 6.29.12 Reply

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