30 with thirty // week seven

our favorite outfit from this past week comes from Rachel @ On A Sunday Afternoon
we're loving the light, summery colors and belted waist! 
(pardon the interruption: i'm going to take a moment and apologize for the quality of the following photos. poor lighting + crappy lens = total motivation to suck it up and buy a new lens)

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some things

as a blogger, i get to pick and choose what parts of my life and experience i share with my readers. i try to share enough to make you feel like you know me, while being careful to maintain the separation between "blog life" and "real life".

as i've followed other bloggers and consistently read about their life, it's funny how i can start to feel like i'm friends with them and that i know them personally. but i was thinking the other day about how much i probably don't know about them. personality quirks, childhood stories, pet peeves, etc. sometimes, i wish i knew the most normal things about them, because their lives can seem so "perfect". 

so, i decided to share some things about me that you would probably never know unless i told you. brace yourelves.

1. as a child (we're talking like 2 years old), i went through a phase of absolutely refusing to tell my mom that i loved her. she would tell me that she loved me and i wouldn't respond. she would ask if i loved her, and i would say no. this went on for a few months. needless to say, she was slightly worried. eventually, i came around.

2. i am totally, completely, and utterly terrified of tornadoes. i have nightmares every couple of weeks about being in a house with my family and watching tornadoes coming towards us and then i always wake up.

3. in elementary school (i think 3rd grade), i went through a phase of having a speech impediment. i would say something, and then mouth it silently right afterwards. it was like a silent echo. it was weird. and lasted a few months. 

4.  metallic jeans were once a thing...and i just so happened to own a pair. here's proof:

5. i've had more trauma to my head than probably the average child. i fell headfirst on a rock while trying to watch a frog jump under the pier at our lakehouse when i was 2.  when i was around 6, i tripped while running on the sidewalk and landed on my face. when i was about 10, i was accidentally hit in the head with a rock when my brother threw it and didn't have great aim. and, hopefully, that's all. 

6. i'm decently skilled at rapping along to songs on the radio. i also have the entire nicki minaj "superbass" song memorized. and am in the process of working on learning busta rhymes' part in justin bieber's "drummer boy". yep, nicki minaj, justin bieber, busta rhymes.

7. if i could know how to do one thing really well without having to learn it or do any training for it, i would be a graphic designer. no doubt about it. i envy those people who can do amazing things with their computers and their creativity.

8. i'm the nickname queen. dooney, dooney bob, lorna doone, lau, stu, stuart, louis, scoop, LP, lo, scooby, the list literally goes on and on. the one that has stuck the longest is stu. it's what my sister has called me for about the last 6 years.

9. i'm exclusively a stomach sleeper. i've tried to change my ways, but i cannot fall asleep on my side, back, or other side. only my stomach. my back hates me for it.

10. i was totally creepy as a child:

i think i've shared enough for one lifetime day...

high five for friday

1. tomorrow marks my last official day at the retail job i've had for the past year and  a half. with a busy schedule awaiting me in the fall, i've decided to move on to different things and focus on others. it's sad to leave, as i've loved working with everyone there, but it's time to do more of what makes me happy!
2. MY BEST FRIEND IS MOVING IN WITH ME TOMORROW. she's making the drive from Chicago early in the morning and will be here by time i'm done with work! i cannot wait to have her here. (also, that photo was taken a year and a half ago...look how much shorter my hair was!)
3. i enjoyed the sound of an evening thunderstorm while reading Domino magazine and cuddling with one of the fury ones.
4. i love the paper aisle at Marshall's. that is all.
5. went to the flea market with a new friend and had so much fun! if you live in the raleigh area, it's definitely worth checking out!

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currently obsessed: BaubleBar

1. Pyramid Pendant // 2. Disco Ball Bangle // 3. Silver Crescent Cuff // 4. Taj Hoop Earrings // 5. Neon Coral Taylor Triple Wrap // 6. Bon Bon Duo Drops // 7. Orange Mosaic Bib // 8. Zig-Zag Bangle Stack

i realize that there's probably a really good chance that i'm way late to this party BUT BaubleBar has some awesome jewels. like, i want a lot of them. i'll also take one of each above. thank you. 

go ahead, check it out yourself. and then tell me that you don't want at least one thing from them. (for the record, i probably won't believe you)

DIY kitchen art

i love a good DIY project. i've been inspired by similar projects that i've seen on pinterest, so i thought i'd make a little art for my kitchen (directions below). happy DIY-ing!

30 with thirty // week six

our favorite outfit from last week comes from Tara of My Southern Accents:

we love the pop of color in the skirt and the femininity of the whole outfit.

here's my next three outfits:

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monday giveaway!

today's giveaway comes from the lovely Gina, owner of Ivy Lane Accessories. her shop is full of adorable button earrings and her prices pretty much rock. although nearly impossible to choose, these are some of my favorites:

two lucky winners will get to choose their very own pair of earrings from her shop! enter the giveaway using the box below!

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high five for friday

1. i love cherries. end of story.
2. worked on a new DIY project that i'll be sharing next week. it was good to get my crafting groove back, if you will.
3. i found this book at francesca's and it was well worth the $8.95 that i spent. plus, it's perfect for my coffee table.
4. i've started following along with She Reads Truth and really like it so far.
5. turns out, milo has freckles on his nose. who knew?! 

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these two

you'd think i told them that they will never be able to eat again by the way they reacted to the camera coming out. they finally lost interest and just fell back asleep.

seriously, they have such a cake life. they eat, sleep, wrestle, repeat.

i'd like to try that routine one day, except maybe without the wrestling. i'll see how i'm feeling.

be back later

get your (insert cute word for hind parts here) over to Framed Frosting to check out my post with a little living room inspiration. 

oh, and i finally celebrated national ice cream day yesterday...just a day late. still cannot believe that i missed the actual day. if there's one holiday i should definitely know about, it's that one.

30 with thirty // week five

i'm at the halfway point, guys! 15 outfits styled, 15 to go. 

here's our favorite from last week:
Katie from Loverly She
we love the pop of color that the hot pink shoes add to the outfit!

here's my next three:

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a gift

i just wanted to take a second to let you know how much i appreciate you (yeah, YOU). i've been at this blogging thing for almost a year now and have had such a great experience, which is largely due to my wonderful readers that support and encourage me. 

as a token of my appreciation, and because i just kinda feel like it, i'm giving one of you ladies this lovely essie nail polish. if you've been here before, it's no secret that i kinda love essie. so, i thought i'd share the love a bit.

if you're diggin' this polish as much as i am, leave a comment below with your e-mail address and i'll randomly pick someone tomorrow morning.

oh, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


do you guys follow blogs using bloglovin'? i haven't gotten into yet, but i think i'm going to start. that's all. 

happy sunday!

high five for friday

question: will friday's ever be lame? i mean, seriously. you know how monday's are kind of a bummer and thursday's draaaaag on...will friday ever turn into one of those days?

well, i hope not. and if they ever do, i'll still like them because it means that i get to share my top five things from the week:

1. i'm not a huge tea drinker, except when i'm sick, so i decided to open up my packages of flavored tea and stick them in my "preserves" jar (from pottery barn) and maaaaaaan, does it smell good.
2. i spent monday morning listening to dave barnes, drinking coffee, and making some jewelry for our etsy shop. it was a good way to start the day. 
3. i busted out the sewing machine and made myself a little zipper pouch, for practice. i'm hoping to start selling some in our shop soon!
4. that salad was good. that is all. 
5. i'm so excited about the new gift wrap pack we are selling in our shop! check it out!

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