baby chubbs

in case you ever wondered what i looked like with a huge belly…or what my sister looked like with a lot of bangs…or how hip my dad could look with sunglasses. well, now you know.

thank you, 1991, for allowing this photo to be taken and shared 21 years later.

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  1. Kelly wrote:

    the sad thing is that 1991 was 21 years ago! how come I still think it was like 10 years ago…you guys are cute…well, except your dad…what a stud! lol. gotta love dad photos from the past!

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  2. Megan wrote:

    it's always fun to come across old pictures like that! hope you made memories this weekend at the lake house like you did in that picture! Happy Monday 🙂

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  3. Meg Cady wrote:

    Yall are sooooo cute! Old family photos are my favorite!!

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Thick bangs are in! I'm waiting for big bellies to come back in style…

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  5. Deb wrote:

    you are too cute!

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  6. Family photos are the BEST.

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Hahaa, so cute! I love seeing old family photos…so many great stories!

    Lindsay @

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    Ah, cute kiddies..sunglasses, cool. Did you get permission to show that! Cool.

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  9. hahaha LOVE it. so cute!!

    still being [molly]

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  10. Who doesn't love a good baby pic?

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  11. Angie wrote:

    I love it!

    Posted 7.2.12 Reply
  12. Victoria wrote:

    Too cute! Bring on the memories, right?

    Posted 7.3.12 Reply
  13. LOL! This is adorable. Chubby babies are the best kind, and Kate's bangs are adorable. Love this photo! 🙂

    Posted 7.3.12 Reply
  14. Wow that is a really cute family photo! I love looking at old pics of my brother and I when we were younger, even the embarrassing ones.

    E x

    Posted 7.4.12 Reply

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