high five for friday

question: will friday’s ever be lame? i mean, seriously. you know how monday’s are kind of a bummer and thursday’s draaaaag on…will friday ever turn into one of those days?

well, i hope not. and if they ever do, i’ll still like them because it means that i get to share my top five things from the week:

1. i’m not a huge tea drinker, except when i’m sick, so i decided to open up my packages of flavored tea and stick them in my “preserves” jar (from pottery barn) and maaaaaaan, does it smell good.
2. i spent monday morning listening to dave barnes, drinking coffee, and making some jewelry for our etsy shop. it was a good way to start the day. 
3. i busted out the sewing machine and made myself a little zipper pouch, for practice. i’m hoping to start selling some in our shop soon!
4. that salad was good. that is all. 
5. i’m so excited about the new gift wrap pack we are selling in our shop! check it out!
how was your week? link up below and tell me about it! 

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  1. LOVE it, lauren! fridays will never be lame…i can't almost guarantee that…. and now i want a salad… for breakfast? happy friday!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  2. Friday's will never be lame….ever! As long as I am working a 9-5 I will look forward to that Friday 5 PM hour and thanking goodness it here! P.S. I love the pouch! I too am going to start sewing more!! =) Love it & thanks for hosting!

    Nicole's Revolution

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    love the new packaging and your little clutch! have a great weekend lauren!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  4. Looks like a great week! I love your idea for your tea bags — I think I need to go do that right now! 🙂 Happy Friday!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  5. Alissa wrote:

    I don't think that Friday can ever be boring or get old! There is something about knowing you don't work for the next two days that is awesome!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  6. Meg Cady wrote:

    Love those new gift wrap pack!! so sweet!
    open tea in a jar.. BRILLIANT!

    Happy weekend

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  7. Jen wrote:

    I love the new zipper pouch, it is so cute!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  8. UMMM totally stealing your tea idea!
    And come to FL and teach me how to sew! 🙂

    Have a good weekend, girl!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  9. Um, you just whipped up that zipper pouch? I'm so intimidated of sewing zippers- maybe you've given me courage.

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  10. Wow, love that zipper pouch! And those earrings are gorgeous. Happy Friday! And no, Friday's will never be lame 🙂

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  11. You and your sister are crafting some mighty fine things with your Etsy shop!! Love it gooorl!! xoxo

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    PLEASE start selling those adorable zip bags in your Etsy shop! They would be perfect for carrying jewelry while traveling!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  13. love the new packaging, very cute. fridays will never be lame, the best part of the week is the lead up to the weekend 😀

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  14. Friday's only suck if it's the beginning of your work week, like some of us in the healthcare field. I try to plaster a smile on my face anyways!

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  15. Love the tea bag idea! You have such a cool blog…I'm your newest follower 🙂

    Posted 7.13.12 Reply
  16. Kelly wrote:

    Oh, I love Dave Barnes! I got to meet him last year! You have good taste in music, too!

    Posted 7.14.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Just an FYI- you do not need an apostrophe when making a noun plural. Your post makes it seem as if the days of the week own something (only use apostrophes to show possession or with contractions). Hope this helps and does not come across as rude!

    Posted 7.14.12 Reply

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