high five for friday

1. tomorrow marks my last official day at the retail job i’ve had for the past year and  a half. with a busy schedule awaiting me in the fall, i’ve decided to move on to different things and focus on others. it’s sad to leave, as i’ve loved working with everyone there, but it’s time to do more of what makes me happy!

2. MY BEST FRIEND IS MOVING IN WITH ME TOMORROW. she’s making the drive from Chicago early in the morning and will be here by time i’m done with work! i cannot wait to have her here. (also, that photo was taken a year and a half ago…look how much shorter my hair was!)
3. i enjoyed the sound of an evening thunderstorm while reading Domino magazine and cuddling with one of the fury ones.
4. i love the paper aisle at Marshall’s. that is all.
5. went to the flea market with a new friend and had so much fun! if you live in the raleigh area, it’s definitely worth checking out!
what made your week H54F worthy? link up below and tell me about it!

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  1. sounds like an awesome week, lauren! congrats on your new adventure! and SO exciting that your best friend is moving in with you! i'm married so i do love living with my best friend 🙂 (but there are definitely times when i miss my younger days of living with my girls!) best part about living with girls? sharing closets! happy friday, lauren! thanks for hosting, as usual!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  2. ~julee~ wrote:

    I think I need to make a trip to Marshalls! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  3. Ooh that's the cutest stationary… I'm going to have to stop by Marshall's today. So fun that your best friend is moving in with you! Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  4. My high five also includes Marshall's! I got a ton of cute baby clothes on clearance. 9 outfits for 40 dollars! I included a picture of them:


    Thanks for hosting.

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  5. By the way-I love your hair short like in pic 2!!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Love pic #5- can you tell me where the purse, iPhone case, and baseball shirt are from! Love them!
    – melissa

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      purse – target, a couple years ago
      case – kate spade
      shirt – target, a few months ago!

      Posted 7.27.12 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!

      Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  7. Jessica wrote:

    How exciting that your BFF is moving in with you! Good times! 🙂


    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  8. Erin wrote:

    So excited for you and your best friend, you girls will have a blast!

    p.s. Where is your crossbody bag from in #5? I love it

    happy friday!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      target, from a couple years ago!

      Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  9. great photos! happy friday! xo


    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  10. Woo hoo for BFF's as roomies. I have mine as a roomie too.
    I am addicted to the paper aisle at Home Goods, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx.

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  11. Liz wrote:

    I am new to your blog, and this is crazy, but I think I love you. Your style is so cute and I am totally going to make your kitchen spoon wall art tonight!


    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      haha, thank you! good luck with the kitchen art 🙂

      Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    I love pictures of your cats!!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  13. Angie wrote:

    Rooming with your BFF, how exciting!
    Have a great weekend!!!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  14. Beverly wrote:

    YAYYYY… do what makes you happy and get out of retail with a bang!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  15. 1. I completely agree with that saying. 2. That sounds like fun, I know I'd love my best friend living with me but my husband might get jealous. 3. Sounds like a good night! 4. Me toooooooo! 5. Love the shirt, watch, and a good flea market. HAPPY FRIDAY! 🙂

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  16. Tiffany wrote:

    You're going to have such fun living with your best friend!! Mine moved away about a year ago and I miss her!!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  17. That is so exciting about your best friend!! What exciting day you have ahead of you tomorrow!!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  18. Good luck with the new things you'll be pursuing in the fall! Will it be stuff that you can share on the blog? 🙂 Hope so! Until the fall, I'm sure you and Sam will be very busy being roommates and all!

    Happy Friday, Lauren!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  19. Kat wrote:

    Are you reading old Domino mags? Or did they bring it back and I am just out of the loop!??!?!?

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  20. Emily wrote:

    Hey! New to your blog and trying to link up so I can join in on High Five Friday. Submitted my link and email and web address but no luck…???
    Emily from http://www.darnyoupinterest.blogspot.com

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  21. I love the paper aisle at Marshalls too! There's nothing like a cute new notebook or journal 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  22. Victoria wrote:

    Nice week! Where did you work? What's next? It's super exciting that you and your friend will get to live together!!!

    Posted 7.28.12 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    Where is your shirt from in #5? I love it!!

    Posted 7.28.12 Reply
  24. Torie wrote:

    You know, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I just now realized you're from the Raleigh area! That's where my boyfriend and I are considering moving after college. Do you love it??

    Posted 7.31.12 Reply

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