high five for friday

1. wore one of my favorite outfits this week - a lace top and olive cropped pants
2. i got my beautiful kate spade bag that i bought during the surprise sale last week. it's a b-e-a-uty.
3. these dudes are my dudes.
4. dinner with my roomie at a really good restaurant.
5. a beautiful scene while on a walk around a lake one evening this week.

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the versatile dress

dress: kohl's (similar) / shirt: j. crew (similar) / belt: target / shoes: j. crew (similar)

i've found this dress to be surprisingly versatile. it's casual enough that i can throw it on to run errands and nice enough that i can add some fancy make-up and a pair of heels and wear it to a wedding (which i've done!).

i'm kind of a sucker for lace. i love the femininity of it and the fact that it sort of lends itself to the boho chic style these days. i love a piece of clothing that can translate really well for different events, styles, feelings, etc. this dress is one of those for me.

every girl deserves to have a versatile dress, don't you think?

also, how many times can a girl use the word versatile before it's officially annoying?
not to self: buy a thesaurus. 

currently loving: neon yellow


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

so, it's official. i have a thing for neon yellow. which is funny because i don't think that i look particularly great in yellow (or neon, for that matter) with my translucent skin (slight over-exaggeration) and all. regardless, i dig it. it's bright and happy and looks killer with grey, which we all know is my favorite

i do have a pretty great yellow nail polish that the tween PetSmart cashier liked, so at least i have that going for me. 

diesel & juice giveaway

today's giveaway comes from Michele over at Diesel & Juice. i've been drooling over her prints for months now and she was kind enough to send me one for a giveaway. my personal favorites, besides my vintage phone, are thisthis, and this

Michele is giving away an 8x10 pre-made print of the winner's choice! her prints are the perfect addition to an office, workspace, gallery wall, kitchen, or pretty much anywhere else :)

here's how to enter:

go to Michele's shop HERE, find your favorite print and PIN IT TO PINTEREST (go here if you don't know how to "pin" something). in the comments below, leave the URL of your pin, along with your contact e-mail address.

*giveaway ends at 12:01 am on Friday!
*can't wait to find out if you're the winner? use coupon code GREYDESK20 for 20% of your purchase!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

today's confession

in case you were wondering, this is how i feel about school. not interested and kind of annoyed. i'm just ready to be done. i could really go on and on with complaints. most of them are made up in my head. very few, of which, have any sort of validity to them. 

and then i check myself and realize that i should be really grateful that i have the opportunity to be educated, far beyond what other people get. and that, at the end of this academic year, i will have a nice piece of paper that proves it, and hopefully a little knowledge, too. and then i realize that it's not so bad after all. quite frankly, i have a feeling i'm going to want this time in my life back once the reality of post-grad life sets in.

so, here's to positivity, a grateful attitude, and teaching otis to look a little less like a murderer in future photos.

p.s. i took two naps yesterday. two. this girl needs to get her act together.

high five for friday

1. a beautiful hike at a local state park on a Saturday afternoon...even though we got a little lost and ended up making a huge circle around the lake. oops.
2. seeing the Jason Mraz show with my roommate and two of our friends from high school that came to visit for the weekend!
3. i treated myself to this little gem thanks to the Kate Spade surprise sale earlier this week. can't wait to get it in the mail!
4. who doesn't like to snuggle up to an arm?
5. dinner with a friend from college who just moved to NC for grad school! it was so good to see her again!

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giveaway winner

congrats to Megan for winning the giveaway I had earlier this week!

thanks for all your sweet comments and to everyone who participated.

oh, and don't worry, there will be more. i promise.

30 with thirty // rewind




well, there you have it. all 30 of my outfits that were made using only 30 items. honestly, i could probably make at least 10 more outfits out of the items that i used, which is pretty good. some items i wore more than others (i.e. maxi skirt, pink tank), but they were all versatile enough to be used for at least two different looks.

overall, i'd say the challenge was a success!

another gift

not long ago, i gave away one of my favorite Essie nail polish colors to one of my readers. i didn't tweet about it, post it on facebook, instagram it, nothin'. i wanted one of my regular readers to have the opportunity to win, so i wasn't trying to draw any other outside traffic to my site through doing the giveaway.

well, i had so much fun giving back to you guys that i wanted to do it again! this time, it's a pack of three small journals and a stack of sticky notes. i'm a sucker for any type of paper product...it's kind of a problem. i have more journals, notebooks, sticky pads, etc. than i know what to do with. and now, one of you will, too!

leave a comment below with your e-mail address and i'll pick a winner tomorrow morning! thank you for reading and for all your lovely support!

30 with thirty // week ten

our favorite look from last week's link-up comes from Leslyn @ Leslyn's Lovely Life
we love the maxi skirt with the chambray and the fun necklace!

and here's my final three looks for my 30 with thirty challenge. i've really enjoyed it but am totally looking forward to sharing outfits with other parts of my wardrobe :)

too good

i literally cannot handle milo & otis' little relationship sometimes. it's just too perfect.