ode to a hair tie

dear tiny piece of elastic,

i wanted to take a minute to properly thank you for your services over the last year or so. you’ve been by my side through thick and thin…literally. you’ve allowed me to wear countless ponytails and messy buns, and for that, i’m forever grateful. you’ve held on for so long, and i don’t know what i’ll do when you finally snap. i have scoured packages of other tiny elastics looking for a potential replacement for you, but, let’s face it, you’re irreplaceable. i should probably start stretching some other back-up elastics, as i feel that you’re life expectancy is getting shorter with each day. i just wanted to show my appreciation for your dutiful work and let you know that i’ll always remember you as the best hair tie i ever had.

i’m eternally grateful.

yes, i have actually used the same elastic hair tie for about a year. yes, i will actually be devastated when it finally snaps. 

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  1. Haha, this is great! But how did you get that? I thought they always come in a pack of 100 pieces or so?!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  2. Stacey wrote:

    It looks like the Sephora snag free hair elastics in clear. Comes in a pack of 8 for $3.50.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  3. haahh i LOVE THIS. that is CRAZY you have worn the same hair tie! i lose hair ties DAILY!!!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  4. You're amazing for keeping that lil guy for a year! I would've lost it over night…or it would've snapped within a few hours with my massively thick ponytails, I used to have.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    You are too funny! I'm with you though… I feel like a little piece of me dies when one breaks!!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  6. I can't believe you have used the same elastic for so long! I barely even use mine more than a day or so before they get thrown in the mix of hair ties that I have! Kudos to you, Lauren! 🙂

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  7. hahah this post is great!! I feel like with my thick hair my hair ties never last very long!


    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  8. Meg Cady wrote:

    HAHA! Girl! You crack me up! I am SOOOO surprised you've kept the same elastic for so long! Mine ALWAYS break!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  9. Haha so cute! Pretty impressive it's lasted this long 🙂



    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  10. Erin wrote:

    Oh my goodness- that little elastic would never hold my giant mass of hair 🙂

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  11. Montana wrote:

    a year? I am impressed. I always lose mine.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  12. this post makes me smile so big. mostly because I've got a very similar elastic band sitting on my nightstand. it's done me lots of favors & definitely relieved me of the heat wave this summer. love it.


    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  13. Ah! I love those elastics! I just got a new pack at Target yesterday…here's hoping they measure up (or stretch out) to what some of my faves were!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  14. Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh so much!
    I've literally just spent half a day scouring the streets of south-west London looking for 'the right' hair tie after mine broke this morning. Half a day gone in the pursuit of a tiny piece of elastic. I probably ought to get my priorities sorted!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  15. Courtney wrote:

    I can't believe you've had that same one for so long! I snap those ties soooo easily!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  16. Ashley wrote:

    lol! i feel the same way about my hair elastic! it has just the right amount of stretch! i don't know what i'll do if mine breaks…

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  17. Kristin wrote:

    That is too funny. I just found one in my pack that is holding up way better than the others and have been using it for weeks now. Maybe this guy will last a year too!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    Holy hair tie! Mine usually only last a month or so then I have to move onto the next victim. My hair is super thick though and I'm a little rough with these guys. haha!
    What brand do you use?

    Lindsay @

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  19. kris wrote:

    I've been rocking the same one for over a year too! I'll be so sad when this little guy breaks. Whenever someone asks to borrow an elastic I'm like, "NO! Not that one!!"


    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  20. I am using the wrong brand, mine break daily. Please give us the dirt on where to get to the good, long lasting ones.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  21. Torie wrote:

    I read this – and then I realized I'd just read an entire post about a single hair tie. I was simultaneously ashamed and proud. But mostly proud. That's one hell of a hair tie! 🙂

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  22. meg wrote:

    This just made my day! It's the little things in life 🙂

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  23. Emily wrote:

    I used to have hair ties that were that perfect clear elastic like yours… they have since dropped off the face of the earth. I have purchased thousand's (because the stupid things come in packs of 100) of imitations but never had the same perfect-ness that those have. If you ever replace, please share where you find them!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  24. Jessica wrote:

    LOL! How have you managed to not snap this one? I seem to snap them every few days 🙁 (embarrassed face). Maybe I just need to tell mine how much I appreciate it 😉

    Great post!


    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  25. You've used the same one for a year?! I'm impressed!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    I could never do that if I wanted to! I always lose mine within a day.. so I'm constantly buying hair ties.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  27. Wow, that is crazy that it is has lasted that long! I have a problem with mine sometimes…I wrap them too tight and then I'll be out and about and *snap!* it breaks. No fun. I'm impressed by yours!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  28. WHAT!? how has that tiny thing lasted so long? i wouldn't even be able to use that once in my hair! thats crazy!

    xo Kelly

    PS. Come & Enter my BLING Giveaway!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  29. Haunani wrote:

    LOL! Love this! I have tender feelings for a few hair ties myself. Thanks for posting this super cute tribute.

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  31. Jessica wrote:

    I'm pretty impressed that you've made that thing last a year. There's no way I could do that. I hope your next hair tie shows you just as much love.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  32. Laura wrote:

    That is crazy! I'm lucky if I keep one for a week.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    Anonymous, why are you anonymous? -Anonymous

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  34. This made me laugh!:)I'm so impressed that it has lasted so long!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  35. rachh10 wrote:

    omg that's a miracle!! love this whole post

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  36. So funny! Glad you still have it! Have a great day! xo Heather

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  37. this is legit awesomeness. i just bought a pack and now i am soo stoked to find my 'eternal hair tie'. 🙂

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  38. Tara wrote:

    I'm jealous. Mine snap the day I wear them (usually at the worst time). Maybe I'll try the Sephora ones that were mentioned.

    Posted 8.8.12 Reply

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