a few of my favorite things

– a striped skirt
– late-night body slams on my head from Otis
– a hot pink bag
– warm weather
– last minute road trips home (which is happening today!)
– training for a 5k (trust me, i never thought i’d see the day either)
– cold medicine, for allowing me to actually get some sleep last night

skirt: madewell / top: similar / bag: kate spade (in black) / wedges: adrienne vittadini / necklace: similar or similar / bracelet: similar

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  1. you look gorgeous, lauren! i am LOVING that bag! have a fun road trip!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  2. Lins wrote:

    What Molly said! And you just gave me a new way to wear the skirt I made this summer.


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Beautiful! I am loving that bag…great pop of color! Good luck with the 5k training. I'm training for one at the end of October. Have a great last minute trip! 🙂

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    Okay, love everything about this outfit especially the bag and bracelets as a pop of color 🙂 And those wedges are adorable!

    Have fun on your road trip!

    Training for a 5k? You got it girl! 🙂

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  5. i think i have a slight obsession with kate spade & i'm trying not to covet your bag. have a great road trip! 🙂


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  6. Ooooh, I love your hair. I may be following yesterdays tutorial & attempting this twist/braid you've got going on. 🙂


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  7. Rachel wrote:

    I love that bag- so jealous!

    Life Unsweetened

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  8. Sonia wrote:

    Beautiful! I love your outfit!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  9. Ashley wrote:

    I usually don't like pink, but I love that bag! I have been looking at the black one and debating if I should splurge or not. I wish I were in the shape to run a 5k, let alone a 1k! Good luck!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  10. Allyssa wrote:

    I absolutely love that bag! Love your outfit too 🙂

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  11. Marisol wrote:

    love the outfit! especially the necklace!!!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    Ok, today you look especially fabulous. Love love love that handbag and that darn cute stripped skirt. I think we need to go shopping together.


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  13. Kristina wrote:

    Awesome wedges, they look super chic but I'm sure are comfy too 😉


    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  14. Alix wrote:

    I'm training for a 5k too! I'm sure you will do great! If you have any tips let me know!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  15. Mallory wrote:

    Wow I am loving this entire outfit. You really styled everything so nicely. You look gorgeous! I want to try my first 5k next spring!

    xoxo, Mallory

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  16. So pretty. 🙂

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  17. Filiz wrote:

    That bag is fantastic. I wish I had known about the sale, I would have snagged one too!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  18. Rural Rach wrote:

    I am training to run a 5K as well! I'm in my 5th week of the 9 week program! Its called Couch to 5K! What training method are you using?!

    Best of luck! The hardest step for a runner is the first one out the door!


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  19. Kari wrote:

    Soooo cute!! Love your outfit!!

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  20. Tori wrote:

    You're awesome! Look up to you so much!
    Can you say inspiration?!


    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  21. Kasey wrote:

    I am seriously coveting this bag. I mean SERIOUSLY lol. Maybe I need to revise my birthday/Christmas list 😉

    Posted 9.6.12 Reply
  22. I love this! Let's go shopping!

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  23. Robyn wrote:

    Love it! I want this outfit in my closet!

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  24. Kaytlynn wrote:

    I love your bag! and the use of the brown belt. I'm always concerned with mixing a brown belt with a black outfit but this looks great!

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  25. lilredfd wrote:

    ummm, dying over those shoes btw.

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  26. Love Kate Spade & this color is fab! Good luck on your training on your 5K …warning..you may get addicted to running 🙂 I am training to do the Goofy challenge next Jan in Orlando, Fl. It's a 1/2 marathon & a full all in one weekend….what was I thinking?

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  27. Love the pink Kate Spade bag with the black and white outfit! Really cute blog! Following now 🙂

    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  28. Marissa wrote:

    Love the outfit! And that bag is the perfect pop of color!


    Posted 9.7.12 Reply
  29. Marie-Eve wrote:

    You look amazing ! Love a stripes pencil skirt and that bag is gorgeous !

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

    Posted 9.8.12 Reply
  30. Your bag is stunning! Love it to BITS.
    – Ididtellyou.blogspot.com

    Posted 9.9.12 Reply

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