there's something about fall weather that makes me want to clean. i mean, seriously. i had a random impulse sunday evening to empty out my closet and re-organize. well, that, and i had to make room for fall clothes. because, let's be honest, who doesn't love to shop for fall clothes? 

anyway, my closet was in pretty rough shape. not the worst, but it definitely needed some work. so, hanger by hanger, i emptied my clothes and picked through what i no longer wear (which is actually going to be on "sale" on the blog here in a couple days!). once my room looked like an absolute disaster, i figured it was time to fill my closet once again. i even put my tops in color order...which probably won't last very long.

the great new is that it still looks pretty good after just 3 days. i can't promise how it will look after 3 weeks, though.