the most adventurous road trip ever taken

guys, i experienced the most ridiculous 15 hours of my life on thursday/friday. my roommate and i joked that we should make a movie out of it. here’s what happened: my roommate had to be home for the weekend so i decided to make the drive with her (partially so that she didn’t do it alone but mostly to surprise my parents). we decided to leave raleigh at about 4pm on thursday, which should have gotten us to chicago at about 5am. umm…think again. below is a list of all the things we encountered:
– an absolute downpour as soon (and i mean as soon) as we pull out from our apartment complex to start the journey
– stopped traffic on the interstate…for absolutely no reason. we sat there at 0 mph for about 35 minutes
– stopped traffic again on the turnpike in virginia…in the mountains…with no escape. turns out, a dump truck carrying bricks went off on the shoulder (no one was hurt) and spilled bricks everywhere. after about 20 minutes of being stopped, we parked, turned the car off, rolled the windows down, and reclined our seats to look at the stars. 30 minutes later, we were back in business and moving…slowly
– almost running over a skunk that decided to cross the highway
– endless detours and construction
– stopped traffic again on some country road in west virginia, which included being reamed by a cop (which included us being threatened that we could “be killed if a dump truck came barreling down the road”…on which she was standing. umm?)
– more detours through country towns that include almost exclusively 30 mph speed limits
– a gas station deciding to close for the night WHILE WE WERE PUMPING GAS (side note: what?!)
– i only slept for about an hour the entire ride. which is strange because i’m usually narcoleptic when it comes to being in cars. 
are you convinced that it was the most ridiculous trip ever? 
what’s really crazy is that we arrived only about an hour later than we should have. i walked in the door, hugged my parents, and promptly got into bed to sleep the morning away. 

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  1. hahaha oh my gosh! that really does sound like an INSANE road trip! you are much more brave than i… i would have totally given up at the beginning lol!

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  2. Amanda wrote:

    that's hilarious! glad you got home safely. 🙂


    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    that sounds like quite the trip! I'm glad you guys weren't alone! I live near Chicago! I wonder how close you were to me! : )

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  4. I love spontaneous road-trips. Sounds like quite the adventure! How was Chicago once the two of you made it?

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  5. Amy wrote:

    oh my gosh that's insane! haha…why the crap was the cop giving y'all a hard time?!
    yay for random road trips!

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  6. I don't blame you! I would have been wiped out too! I can't believe you made such good time with all of those obstacles. And what's the deal with that gas station?

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  7. LisavK wrote:

    Like Amy, I'm wondering why a cop is giving you a hard time about stopped traffic. How is that YOUR fault? Oh, and I laughed out loud when I got to the part where the gas station closed while you were still pumping gas! Does that mean your fill up was free??

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  8. Meagan wrote:

    a gas station deciding to close for the night WHILE WE WERE PUMPING GAS (side note: what?!)
    HAHAHA! How does that even happen?! It's so ridiculous it's funny.

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  9. WOW! What a trip! At least you made good timing despite all the ridiculousness…and you stayed safe.

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  10. My word! I guess it's full of memories right? Glad you guys made it safely!

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  11. sophie wrote:

    that's a road trip of a lifetime for sure! the funniest part is the cop in West Virginia… you gals should have totally filmed this little adventure. glad you both got Chi City safely.

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  12. Jennifer wrote:

    Haha! Sounds adventurous and fun!!

    By the way, you and your roommate are gorgeous!!!!!!! 🙂

    xo xo

    Posted 9.10.12 Reply
  13. Meg Cady wrote:

    oh girl!
    This cracks me up!
    Always an adventure!

    Posted 9.11.12 Reply
  14. Sounds like a pretty crazy road trip! Glad you made it there safe and, apparently, in good time!

    Posted 9.11.12 Reply
  15. Oh my goodness, you did have an adventure! I'm glad things worked out so that you weren't super late, and could still surprise your parents!

    Posted 9.11.12 Reply
  16. Annie wrote:

    oh my gosh, Lauren! that sounds insane! i'm glad y'all got to IL all right!

    Posted 9.11.12 Reply
  17. lilredfd wrote:

    omg that sounds SO fun!!! I miss having times like that!

    Posted 9.14.12 Reply

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