it wasn't until recently that i realized just how good this little blog has been to me. i thought i'd share just a few of the reasons why:

- it made me fall in love with graphic design. before i started blogging, i didn't know the first thing about photoshop, HTML, or fonts. i barely even understood what a "button" was. (by the way, why are they called buttons?) after more than a year of being a blogger, i can officially say that i love all the things that i just listed. i enjoy the creative freedom that is afforded through all three of those things. if my eyes didn't argue otherwise, i could spend all day on my computer creating things, editing photos and finding new fonts.

- it's created so many opportunities for my sister and i to do things together. whether it's been hosting a local blog meet-up, going to conferences, or doing a style challenge, i have had more fun than i ever could have imagined and i'm so glad that we're able to do it together. and it's nice to have at least one person in my crew that knows what i'm talking about whenever i talk about blog stuff.

- i've gotten to meet some pretty rad people and build relationships with them, both in real life and over the internet. which is kind of crazy, but also really unique. (for example, Lindsay and i have officially reached the point in our friendship where we meow at each other...via twitter and email, of course.)

- it's provided me with the opportunity to help other people. i get lots of e-mails with questions about how to get a blog design, how to start accepting sponsors, how to grow your blog, etc. i love being able to offer suggestions and tips, even though i'm definitely no expert.

- it's provided a really great creative outlet for me. because, if i didn't have it, i would be re-arranging my apartment on the regular and probably spending way too much time on pinterest.

- it made me realize that i really enjoy writing, which i never discovered in school. i'm going to guess that it has something to do with the fact that i get to choose what i want to write about and i can write in my own voice (and lowercase letters).

thanks, blog. you're the cats pajamas.