rainy days

it's been very fall-ish around these parts the last couple of days, like 50 degrees, overcast, and rainy. fall is hands down my favorite season. mostly because it means fall fashion - boots, scarves, sweaters, leggings. if i could wear the following outfit everyday for the next month, i probably would:

rainy day

leggings / tank / sweater / scarf / boots / bag

happy wednesday! 


  1. I love the scarf, do you know where it's from? So simple and pretty.

    Something Ivory

    1. Click on the picture and it will take you to a polyvore link so you can see where each individual item is from.

  2. We've been having similar icky weather in NYC and I agree that the outfit you picked out is so perfect. Comfy & functional! Love it!

  3. LOVE this outfit! There really is nothing better than Hunters, scarves and leggings! oh...and something to cover the boo-tay! So, of course, add long Cardi to that!

    ENJOY the Weather!!!!

  4. awesome outfit!! i would totally wear this each and every single fall day as well. i love the infinity scarf and that purse is awesome

  5. Adorable! Im having such a hard time finding tanks long enough to look right with my skinny jeans! Any suggestions on where to look?

  6. I love the sweater.

    I follow your blog and would love for you to follow me

    Dreams Do Come True


  7. Very cute! Those are my fall essentials too!

  8. Big fat DITTO to this post. I adore this chilly dreary weather. There is literally nothing I love more than to wear beautiful scarves and my Hunter Wellies.

  9. How cute, Lauren!


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