is anyone else totally weirded out that it's already thanksgiving? i mean, really, the holiday season is now halfway over. whaaaaat? i'm looking forward to eating lots of good food and spending time with people that i tend to kind of like, although i do really wish that my sister and bro-in-law were here with us. they're with my bro-in-law's family...something about keeping it fair and sharing the holidays between the two families. shenanigans, i tell you.

i'm thankful for a lot of things, but these in particular, today:
- god's grace and provision. and the fact that he knows exactly what i need and when i need it. always.
- white chocolate mocha's from starbucks. yep, went there.
- family. friends. my roommate. and a special dude.
- my cats...although i feel like this one should go without saying.
- the fact that i'm graduating in just a few short months!
- new opportunities.
- gap's skinny jeans. because i wear them almost daily.
- netflix.
...and this list could go on for days.

no matter what, i'm thankful for this life that i have been given. for the experiences that i've had and the memories that make up a life. i hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and happy thanksgiving.

oh, and i'm thankful for you, the one reading this right now. for allowing me to do something that i really, really love.