high five for friday

1. wore my favorite giraffe print skirt (from madewell, currently unavailable) and some festive nails to a holiday party.
2. cat-themed gifts are definitely the best kind.
3. my roommate and i thought it would be a great idea to take awkward holiday pictures. this is just one of the little gems we captured.
4. it felt like fall yesterday! although, we’re expecting 70’s again this weekend…which is also kind of hard to complain about.
5. snuggles.

how was your week? link up below and tell me about it!

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    Awkward holiday pictures are the best!

    I wish that giraffe print skirt was still available!!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  2. That skirt is gorgeous. 🙂 Those cats snuggling = adorable. Have a wonderful weekend, Lauren!


    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  3. Meg Cady wrote:

    Yall are so stinking cute!!!
    Your birthday cards crack me up! Clearly the people in your life know you well!

    happy friday

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  4. Sam wrote:

    Love the giraffe skirt 🙂 I spied a little bling on your ring finger and thought, uh-oh – what's this high 5 for Friday going to sayyy? Haha!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    The awkward holiday picture is GOLDEN.

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  6. That giraffe skirt is perfection, so are your festive nails! I may have to copy that. Thanks for hosting!

    Priscila – http://www.mysimplecutestyle.wordpress.com

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    Aww, your kitties are so cute!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  8. Kelly Ann wrote:

    Photo three is my favorite, I love those pajamas!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  9. Cute! I've followed along with your Friday posts for a while, but am joining in the fun for the first time. I've been reassessing my blogging outlook, and this is the perfect link-up. I look forward to many more weeks to come!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  10. Pamela wrote:

    Luv the jammie pics!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  11. Courtney wrote:

    Love the giraffe skirt, your nails and the bow ring!

    I'm not sure how awkward that picture is because I actually think it's a really cute pic! Haha you guys are adorable!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  12. Yoga AND kittens?! Oh, my. That's right up my alley. 🙂

    I feel obligated to remark that not only is your awkward holiday photo still beautiful but that the best part is how you two are posing.

    Happy weekend, Lauren!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  13. Haha! I love the 'awkward' pic. Lol

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  14. Bev wrote:

    Love to see you and your roomie are in the Cmas spirit with an akward photo and all!! Just sucks when you share your home with a roomie who isn't always the most festive one!

    Happy Friday love!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  15. Emma wrote:

    your blog is one of my very favorites! so glad i linked up with you today 🙂


    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  16. I can always count on this blog to bring me something involving cats. <3
    Cats furrever. 🙂

    Linked up with you today!
    Lynette @ lynette marie

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Lauren…I have to know where you and your roomie got those PJ's! So cute!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      they're from Target!

      Posted 12.8.12 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      Thanks so much, Lauren! I'm off to Target!

      Posted 12.10.12 Reply
  18. Ellie wrote:

    Love your nails and bow ring!! Your cats are always too cute.

    xx Ellie

    Posted 12.8.12 Reply
  19. Lori wrote:

    Nick & Nora matching PJs!! My cousins and I get a matching set each year and take awkward photos too. Glad we aren't the only ones. So fun!

    Posted 12.8.12 Reply
  20. the awkward holiday picture is cracking me up!

    Posted 12.9.12 Reply
  21. SH wrote:

    I love the fancy nails and the bow ring!

    Posted 12.10.12 Reply
  22. Lynne wrote:

    Hi Lauren, I have been following Kate for a few years now and have just recently found your blog. I really enjoy reading it. I have started taking part in your High Five for Friday and I was wondering how you put the numbers on the photos? Is it a font that you use or a pic or something else?
    Thanks Lynne

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply

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