pants: Gap 
black top: Old Navy (similar)
chambray: Target (similar)
necklace: Target (old)

it's borderline alarming how neutral my wardrobe is. i'm fairly certain i would be diagnosed as a chromophobe...if that was something that was diagnosable. also, is diagnosable a word? it could go either way.

like, for example, this outfit. the only color is in a bracelet. and what's funny to me is that i would almost feel uncomfortable wearing color. it's sick, i tell you. just sick. especially because i know that some colors really brighten up my face and bring out those green eyes of mine.

so, this is my official call for help. who knows a good doctor that can cure me of my problems and make me see the light, er, color at the end of the tunnel? more likely, who can point me in the direction of a piece of clothing that has color that i must own?

all help is welcome. seriously, guys.

don't feel like you actually need to help. i don't really know what you can do, other than to tell me that all of my outfits lacking color are terrible and ugly. wait...don't do that.