the art of an inspiring space

i’ve found that i’m most inspired when the space around me is inspiring. i also realize that there is little to nothing that is groundbreaking about that sentence. i’m always changing up the way my desk looks, whether it’s because i find something new or just get tired of the way it looked before. recently, i’ve gotten rid of some of the clutter and tried to organize and create a simple look.

color, animals (owls, giraffes, cats…you name it), magazines, design books, and a lot of white. that’s what is inspiring to me at the moment. oh, and antique fans.

what’s inspiring to you?

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  1. What a great space! And I love design sponge!

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  2. Oh my gosh, Lauren! This looks amazing – you have such an eye for design!

    I also enjoy a clean, non-cluttered space and agree that I feel like my mind is clearer and more open to creativity when I have a workspace that fits those requirements.

    Come do mine next? 🙂

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Lauren, I would just love to be as organized as you! That would be inspiring in itself! Denise

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  4. Sam wrote:

    Gorgeous space! I myself find that while my style changes often, my love for . clean an organized space is always a requirement!

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  5. Hi there Lauren. I have followed you for a while now and it took me a while to get back-tracked with all your posts. You have Fabulous Style & You are Very Pretty. My name is Ada and I would like for you to check out my little blog and follow me as well. =) Thank you, much appreciated.

    I love the above photos, all inspirational. Ahhh Interior Design is an art in itself. =)

    P.S. Check this out my dear. I got you featured on my blog. =)

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  6. Love your office space! I can see why you find it so inspiring. I really need to work on decorating my house for this very reason… to keep the inspiration flowing.


    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  7. Rebecca S. wrote:

    I love your decorating sense! Everything is always so subtle but gorgeous 🙂

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  8. shannon wrote:

    your desk looks amazing!

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  9. Courtney wrote:

    Love this space! Well, who am I kidding? I love every space you decorate! Have you ever thought about being an interior decorator? (I can't remember what you're going to school for!)

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  10. what is inspiring me right now is your cute workspace!
    inspiring me to create one of my very own… 🙂

    thx – heather

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    so adorable. Love your style!

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  12. Love this! It is indeed inspiring! 🙂

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  13. I need to reorganize my work space asap – very cluttered. Also, I spy yoga kitties and I love it

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  14. Love the space! I get inspired by colors and people. Thanks for inspiring me!


    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  15. The clock on your computer…is that an app or part of your standard wallpaper in the settings?

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  16. Kate wrote:

    I have the exact same desk and LOVE IT! I love that you've left more space in the cubbies than I have, though! Makes me want to lighten them up.

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  17. adorable and so clean and simple! i feel like my inspiration comes at night…when it is quiet and i can really think, and take in what has gone on during my day 🙂

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  18. I love the color of your space. I find other people's art inspiring. Specifically, I love reading yours and your sis' blog and find you talent and art of writing and photography, inspiring. Especially as a fellow blogger. 🙂

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  19. Kristina wrote:

    Your desk is so clean and organized and pretty! I wish I could keep my desk this organized, maybe I would get more done 😉


    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  20. Sierra wrote:

    I love your owl and vases and books. I love all of it!

    Posted 12.19.12 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    Very nice! I'll allow way more clutter on my desk at work than I will at home, but at work I have to be surrounded by pictures of loved ones and my kids artwork. I just layer the new on top of the old – it's fun to look back and see how they have grown just by the art that they give me for my office.


    Posted 12.19.12 Reply
  22. SH wrote:

    I love bookshelves that aren't traditional, like the one in your pictures. My bookshelf has a vase with flowers, candles, picture frames, and more! I even have some shells from hubby's and my honeymoon.

    Posted 12.19.12 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    I found your blog from Jessica Who? and I love it! I just noticed the books you photpgraphed and was thinkin about ordering them! What a co-ink-a-dink that i see them on your blog!

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
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  25. Event19 wrote:

    Such a great space…I especially love the owl….where did you get him?

    Posted 12.23.12 Reply

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