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**this is a sponsored post by Uncle Daddy but all opinions are my own**

did you think this was going to be a story about how i found out my dad is actually my uncle? it’s not. that would be weird. and probably not something that i would share with you guys, no offense. 

today’s post is about a band called Uncle Daddy. makes more sense, right? on  December 4, Uncle Daddy in collaboration with the
Grammy Foundation  released an album as part of the Grammy ReImagined
project.  The Grammy ReImagined project showcases up and coming artists,
and allows them to cover two Grammy winning songs.  in addition, the bands
record two of their own songs with the Grammy team.  The videos for each
song will be available on Grammy.com and the album will be available on iTunes.

their album can be found on iTunes here. it’s a cool mix of country and rock, two genres that i don’t necessarily listen to often but they have a pretty cool sound. 

this song is called “Crossroads” and it’s an original:

and this is a cover of “Sabotage”:

for more songs, go to grammy.com!

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  1. Mary wrote:

    I love Uncle Daddy! They came to my church in Denver a few months ago and I instantly fell in love!

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    I love the way you start this post. I laughed out loud.

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply
  3. umm, i def thought your uncle was your dad.

    xo – heather

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Saw here!! lol

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply
  5. I like the new blog colors 🙂


    Posted 12.5.12 Reply

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