i've been working through Beth Moore's study on the book of James, called "Mercy Triumphs". this is my first time doing one of her studies and i've really enjoyed it. i like working through a book of the bible, answering questions and actually thinking about a passage, instead of just reading it and moving on. if you're in the market for a good study, i'd definitely recommend this one. it can be done individually or with a group.

anyway, as i was working through a day in week four, i came across something that really stood out to me. there was a list of things that we, as christians, can place our faith in. and one of them was this:

i believe that i am who He says i am 
and not the numbing sum of Satan's accusations

something about it just struck me. the truth that i am who my Creator made me to be, not what the world or my own self-doubt or insecurities tell me i am. i feel pretty confident in saying that we all have our share of things that we maybe don't particularly love about ourselves, whether it's physically or personality-wise. and, honestly, we'll probably always have them. but, hear me on this, they do not define who we are or how God sees us.  when God looks at you and me, He sees his creation. something that He made with a distinct and perfect purpose, a plan, a story to be told. He didn't make a mistake when He made you. in fact, He made you with precise detail, even down to the number of hairs on your head (matthew 10:30).

there will always be a lie to believe. an insecurity to blame. a list of things that we wish we could change about ourselves.

and there will always be the Truth that God created you with a purpose, for a reason. He made you and He loves you, wants you, pursues you, longs for you. He looks at you and sees His creation and everything beautiful about it. and He wants you to see that, too.