a weird confession

tee: H&M
sweater: Target (no longer available)
pants: Madewell (no longer available)
boots: Target (similar)

i've always known that i don't like talking about myself. in a social setting, i tend to be the one asking the questions and listening, instead of sharing details of my own life. i'm not sure why it is, but i've always been that way. you're probably thinking: wait. she doesn't like to talk about herself but she has a blog? whaaaaat.... i know, it doesn't make sense.

i met with a friend the other day who was helping me to write my resume and get it ready to be sent out with job applications (eeeeeeee!). we sat down and she asked me a couple questions. as i started talking about what i'd written and shared on my resume, i told her that i'm not very good at talking about myself. she noticed.

oh no. i need help.

so, i'm officially on a mission to get better about talking about myself. not in a "my life is so important so listen to what i have to say about it and what i've done" way. more in a "i have things to share about my life and maybe people will be interested in hearing them" kind of way. which is funny, because i feel like that's what i do right here. i guess it just doesn't translate into real life.

maybe i've been blogging too long? yeah, right.

anatomy of a nightstand

what's currently on my nightstand:

  • flowers
  • an elastic hair tie
  • books i'm currently reading
  • inspiring words
  • a candle
  • lip balm
  • a photo of my man and me
  • pretty decorative things
  • a geometric tray

nightstand: Ikea / frame, feather, blue decorative piece, lamp: Target / tray, flowers: Marshall's

valentine's day gift guide

it's about that time for valentine's day again! 

funny story: as i was walking into a retail store the other day, i saw that they had a sign on their door that advertised an "Anti-Valentine's Day Party" at a local restaurant. i couldn't help but laugh. mostly because there was a time in my life when i would have considered attending that party. (insert story about bad breakup here.)

but, alas, i've come around and can appreciate valentine's day once again. mostly just because i like a good excuse to receive give a gift. also, this list may be a little more useful for the men in your life. or, you can just feel free to treat yourself to something this february 14th. you deserve it. 

1. hugs + kisses tea towel, Modcloth
2. little hearts note cards, Anthropologie
3. heart ring, SeoulLittle on Etsy
4. xo necklace, SeoulLittle on Etsy
5. heart mug, West Elm
6. heart tee, Windsor
7. be mine studs, Kate Spade
8. you + me print, Handz on Etsy

you are lovely.

this song came on my Dave Barnes pandora station that other day and i've been listening to it on repeat ever since. (side note: pretty sure i have an addictive personality with music. i can listen to the same song all day long and not get sick of it. it's weird.)

not only does she have an incredible voice, but there's something so simple and true about her lyrics. you're lovely, just the way you are.

and, yes, this was the best video i could find. oh, youtube.

GIVEAWAY: The Dotted Poppy

today's giveaway comes from The Dotted Poppy. the fabulous woman behind the shop just so happens to be my mom. she's giving one lucky reader a pair of these earrings.

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high five for friday

1. girl's night with some of my favorite chicks.
2. so, sometimes i eat fries and a chocolate shake for dinner. according to my sister, it's my "signature meal".
3. cute socks make getting dressed more fun. (from H&M)
4. there's nothing that i love more than putting on bum clothes as soon as i get home from anywhere. wearing jeans in the apartment? wouldn't know what it's like...
5. i tried a new quinoa recipe and really like it. you can find it HERE.

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on my mind lately

pants: Madewell (similar)
top: H&M (similar)
sweater: Gap (similar)
shoes: Nine West via Marshall's

making plans is a funny thing. if there's one thing that i've learned in my short 23 years on this earth, it's that things don't always go my way. in fact, i'd say they don't go as planned almost every time. and i'm okay with that, because it usually ends up being better that way. there's always something to be learned, experienced, and/or discovered.

but, i'm at a point in my life where i officially need a plan. i need to plan for the next step i'm going to take and i don't even really know where to start. i think back to my first day of college at the ripe age of 18. so much anticipation and excitement (and maybe a little bit of anxiety, if i'm being honest) about a new chapter. finding myself. learning new things. meeting new people. being challenged in new ways. facing new experiences.

i feel like i'm about to be back in that same stage. except with a little more anxiety because, this time, i'm totally on my own.

if it's possible to be absolutely terrified and totally excited at the same time, then that's what i am.

in case you wondered what's been on my mind lately, now you know.

catch-all chair

so, i have this chair in my room. it was initially put in there to fill some empty floor space that i had, but now it serves as the place where i put everything that doesn't have its own home. enter: the catch-all chair.

magazines, umbrellas, scarves, bags. you name it, it's probably sat on that catch-all chair at one time or another. and it's probably still sitting there. although i tend to not like clutter, i can deal with pretty clutter. which is what i consider this chair to be a home for. pretty clutter.

(scarf from shop sosie, umbrella from j.crew, sunglasses from target)

the cutest shoes of all time

i went to Marshall's the other day looking for workout clothes and left with these shoes by Nine West, which i'm not mad about.

so, i guess what i'm telling you is...well, i don't really know. i just wanted to share this exciting find with you. so, you're welcome?

where you can find me today

you can find my tutorial for this DIY gold-dipped feather garland over on Poppy Magazine's blog! just go HERE.

i haven't made the official announcement yet, but i'm a contributor for Poppy and this is my first article! hope you enjoy it!

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Creating your own individual locket is simple!
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i made a coupon book for valentine's day and it is the cutest. i'm telling you, they do it right.

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high five for friday

1. i prefer lunch (or really any meal) with variety.
2. otis buried himself in my bed on a cold and rainy afternoon while i watched Parenthood - only the greatest show ever.
3. a good reminder.
4. breakfast at my sister's house before church on sunday. she made strawberry shortcake and it was the berries. (get it? berries...like strawberries. too clever.)
5. polka dots and curls to church.

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which one would you choose?

Salvatore Ferragamo spaghetti strap dress / Gucci peep toe heels, $705 / Lace up boots / Boutique clutch, $48 / Topshop / Christian Dior vintage teardrop earrings, $235 / Chain necklace, $16

on my DIY list

so, i spent an unhealthy amount of time on pinterest the other day (please tell me i'm not alone). 

and then i tweeted this:

and now i'm showing you what i want to make:

duct tape canvas via

glitter mason jar via

sharpie mug via

 paper heart garland via

i'm thinking i'll get started on friday. sounds like a good plan to me.

DIY bar

i don't know about you, but i love the look of a well-styled bar cart. they're all over pinterest and my favorite blogs, and i was inspired to create my own version of it using some things that i already had. it fits perfectly in the corner of my dining room and makes me feel like throwing a dinner party just about every night...which pretty much never happens. 

oh well. gaze away. 

tray / chalkboard jar: Target
straws: le goods on Etsy

 cardboard coasters: TJ Maxx
bottles: Hobby Lobby 
bottle opener: Pottery Barn
origami: World Market
candle: Marshall's (?)

lace + chambray

pants: Gap (currently sold out)
lace top: Madewell 
chambray: Target
necklace: Caroline G
bangle: Kate Spade
shoes: Urban Outfitters

i have a thing for it these days. and there's not much else to say about that.

so...good talk.