tee: H&M
sweater: Target (no longer available)
pants: Madewell (no longer available)
boots: Target (similar)

i've always known that i don't like talking about myself. in a social setting, i tend to be the one asking the questions and listening, instead of sharing details of my own life. i'm not sure why it is, but i've always been that way. you're probably thinking: wait. she doesn't like to talk about herself but she has a blog? whaaaaat.... i know, it doesn't make sense.

i met with a friend the other day who was helping me to write my resume and get it ready to be sent out with job applications (eeeeeeee!). we sat down and she asked me a couple questions. as i started talking about what i'd written and shared on my resume, i told her that i'm not very good at talking about myself. she noticed.

oh no. i need help.

so, i'm officially on a mission to get better about talking about myself. not in a "my life is so important so listen to what i have to say about it and what i've done" way. more in a "i have things to share about my life and maybe people will be interested in hearing them" kind of way. which is funny, because i feel like that's what i do right here. i guess it just doesn't translate into real life.

maybe i've been blogging too long? yeah, right.