a weird confession

tee: H&M
sweater: Target (no longer available)
pants: Madewell (no longer available)
boots: Target (similar)

i’ve always known that i don’t like talking about myself. in a social setting, i tend to be the one asking the questions and listening, instead of sharing details of my own life. i’m not sure why it is, but i’ve always been that way. you’re probably thinking: wait. she doesn’t like to talk about herself but she has a blog? whaaaaat…. i know, it doesn’t make sense.

i met with a friend the other day who was helping me to write my resume and get it ready to be sent out with job applications (eeeeeeee!). we sat down and she asked me a couple questions. as i started talking about what i’d written and shared on my resume, i told her that i’m not very good at talking about myself. she noticed.

oh no. i need help.

so, i’m officially on a mission to get better about talking about myself. not in a “my life is so important so listen to what i have to say about it and what i’ve done” way. more in a “i have things to share about my life and maybe people will be interested in hearing them” kind of way. which is funny, because i feel like that’s what i do right here. i guess it just doesn’t translate into real life.

maybe i’ve been blogging too long? yeah, right.

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  1. Sam wrote:

    I'm the exact same way in real life. I think for me it's just that I genuinely love hearing about other people's lives, so it's hard to change years and discuss me.

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  2. April wrote:

    i like the way you put it, "maybe people will be interested in hearing kind of way" very true! 🙂 write from the heart and that's all that matters!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  3. I am the same way. I write so many things that I could never say out loud! I think it's easier for me because I don't have to experience people's reactions, see their nonverbal communication or disinterest. Writing feels safer.

    That sweater is great…love the yellow!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  4. haha I feel the same way! also love that cardi on you! xo


    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  5. Angi Engle wrote:

    I also had a resume and interview class yesterday and learned a thing or two about talking about yourself! Think about all the things you do with your time right now and don't be afraid to talk about those things. It says what you're interested in, it says that you're involved, and it explains the type of person you are. In the job and interview world, remember to make yourself sound polished. In the everyday world, make yourself sound real. Think about what you're worth and what you have to offer and own it!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  6. Emily H wrote:

    Prepare for those interview questions! The hardest one for me to come up with on the spot is to share some of my weaknesses. When you're under pressure you tend to suddenly forget everything about yourself 😉 so it's very valuable to have answers planned ahead.

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  7. I am the same exact way so it's funny to my that I've started a blog about my own life! Good luck with the job applications!

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  8. Liz wrote:

    Angi and Emily gave great advice! I do a lot of hiring and interviewing and being prepared is key. Practice interviewing with your sis and roommate. When interviewers ask certain questions, it's not always about what you answer but how you answer. Your thought process leading up to the answer. Questions about what you do in your spare time or for fun give the interviewer a sense of the type of person you are. Outgoing, adventurous, lazy, etc. Be honest and thorough, but don't go on and on and on:-). I think you'll do great. You have a great personality and are a smart girl. Good luck!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  9. Laura wrote:

    I am the same way! I don't like talking about myself that much. It takes me a while to warm up to people and start sharing stuff. Same thing with interviewing… it REALLY helps if you prepare beforehand and just hammer out what you're good at and how to say it in a confident yet modest way. You'll do great!!

    This "weird confession" actually didn't surprise me at all, because I don't feel like you share that much on your blog about you. You share about things mostly – clothes, jewelry, home items. I wouldn't mind hearing more about who you are from time to time 😉

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  10. Bryna wrote:

    I'm also in the process of rewriting my resume (and cover letters!) for job hunting. I am really not so great at it. And interviews terrify me 🙁 I just get so nervous! Good luck to us both!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  11. Jamie-Noel wrote:

    When I was in college, I went to the Career Service offices on campus and set up a "mock interview" with them. It's normally nothing too in depth, but it gets you in the right mindset for an interview. You dress like you're going to an interview, you prepare questions for them like you would in real life, and it gives you a chance to hear yourself talk. It also helps that they give POSITIVE feedback on things to work on. Coming directly out of college, interviews are particularly scary because you've never had to do something like that before, but I think with a little bit of practice, you'll be great! 🙂

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  12. Okay that sweater is SO cute. Yellow is my fav 🙂 and yes girl, go for it! We want to hear about you 🙂 Thats why you have so many followers!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  13. I don't have anything to add to this conversation except that sweater is amazing. If I were interviewing you, I'd hire just based on that. Okay, kidding, but really, with a little practice I'm sure you'll do amazing!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  14. I would LOVE it if you shared more about yourself! Regardless, I will still be a devoted reader :):)

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  15. from what i've seen & read, you are a very
    interesting, unique, sweet, & fun lady
    and i'm sure people would be interested to hear what you have to say 🙂

    xo – heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  16. Kristina wrote:

    It's hard for me to talk about myself too! It's helpful to come up with an elevator pitch for yourself – a 30 second speech that can be used in all situations. That way when someone asks you about yourself you have something ready to throw at them.


    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  17. I do a lot of hiring in my professional life, and I also help others write their resumes. The key thing on your resume is to speak to each point under the requirements section on the job description. If you can demonstrate that you meet all the requirements, you'll get an interview.
    During the interview make sure that you explain your thought process behind your answer. Some interviews are set up on a points system, and the more info you can give in your answer, often the more points you'll score.
    You will do well – just exude confidence, even if it is fake confidence. It will get easier with more experience. And one key thing to keep in mind is that EVERYONE is nervous at a job interview. It's the norm, and really does keep you on your toes. Nerves are good sometimes!
    Good Luck!

    Lemon Sugar Creative

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  18. SH wrote:

    Adorable cardigan! I'm the same way, I'm not always the one itching to share! Good luck job-hunting 🙂


    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  19. Shareen wrote:

    I'm the same way. A friend was helping me with my resume and she recommended the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book (actually, she recommended just taking the test online, you get to take the test for free when you buy the book…just the test is $15 I think). It gave me a wonderful snapshot of my strengths (and even listed things I didn't know WERE strengths, I just thought everyone did that!) as well as great ways to translate them into employment. I've never been more confident going into an interview!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  20. Stacey wrote:

    I am the same way! It's so much easier for me to write about myself in a blog than to talk out loud about myself. I'm much more comfortable listening than talking. But there are benefits to that as well, so count it as a strength!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  21. Love your outfit post! So sad that the sweater is no longer carried at Target.
    So glad you shared this post about yourself. Continue talking about yourself!



    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  22. Oh my goodness I was the same way when I was your age, however after a few years of experience in the working world I was able to share experiences or stories that could relate to other people. Then before I knew it, I was talking about myself but in a less boastful way and more of a relate-able inspiring way.

    Eventually I got to a point where I only chimed in a conversation that I felt I could add wisdom or knowledge for others, and turned away from conversations that were a waste of time or gossipy/unhealthy.

    Whatever you decide, be yourself and allow time/prayer/love to transform you into a confident woman willing to jump out on a limb and open up! There's nothing wrong with asking questions and listening to others either, that allows for you to learn about other people, which in turn helps determine what you want to say.

    PS I love the bright bolder colors on you, and you are rocking this yellow!

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  23. Shannon wrote:

    I am the exact same way! It's ironic that we've gotten into the blogging world, when we don't like talking about ourselves. 🙂 Good luck w/your resume and job search.

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  24. Mallory wrote:

    I just have to say that I think you look more and more beautiful in your outfit posts! And I love your hair! You always looks so effortless. And lately I've been finding myself pulling together outfits that make me say "this feels like something Lauren From My Grey Desk would wear." So, in short, you've been inspiring me in my outfit selections. Don't want that to sound weird or anything, but sometimes it's nice to hear things like that!

    Good luck in your job search! xo

    Pastels and Mascara

    Posted 1.31.13 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    You're not alone girl! I'm always the one asking questions and dreading the moment when someone asks me something. It gets easier though eventually, I promise! Good luck with the job hunt!

    Posted 2.1.13 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    It feels weird, but in college my professor made us practice a "30 second introduction" over and over and over and that helped so much! Who you are, where you're from, what you do, etc. etc.

    Posted 2.1.13 Reply
  27. Hayley wrote:

    I have the same problem! A lot of times when someone asks me about myself I come off rude or like I think I'm above them because I get so uncomfortable talking about myself. I'm not sure if it's insecurity or what… But I have the same goal. 🙂

    Posted 2.1.13 Reply
  28. That a fabulous sweater! I am bummed there isn't anymore. I am working on building the amount of yellow in my closet. It's not normally a color I wear, but I'm branching out 😀

    Posted 2.1.13 Reply
  29. Jayda wrote:

    I totally agree…I've come to the point where I do okay talking about myself in a social setting most of the time, but as soon as I'm in an interview situation, I freeze up, and out come the one word answers. I could stand to work on that too.

    Also, I'm in love with that sweater. I'd be sad it's out of stalk, if Target existed where I live. :sigh:

    Posted 2.2.13 Reply

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