pants: Madewell (similar)
top: H&M (similar)
sweater: Gap (similar)
shoes: Nine West via Marshall's

making plans is a funny thing. if there's one thing that i've learned in my short 23 years on this earth, it's that things don't always go my way. in fact, i'd say they don't go as planned almost every time. and i'm okay with that, because it usually ends up being better that way. there's always something to be learned, experienced, and/or discovered.

but, i'm at a point in my life where i officially need a plan. i need to plan for the next step i'm going to take and i don't even really know where to start. i think back to my first day of college at the ripe age of 18. so much anticipation and excitement (and maybe a little bit of anxiety, if i'm being honest) about a new chapter. finding myself. learning new things. meeting new people. being challenged in new ways. facing new experiences.

i feel like i'm about to be back in that same stage. except with a little more anxiety because, this time, i'm totally on my own.

if it's possible to be absolutely terrified and totally excited at the same time, then that's what i am.

in case you wondered what's been on my mind lately, now you know.