it's about that time for valentine's day again! 

funny story: as i was walking into a retail store the other day, i saw that they had a sign on their door that advertised an "Anti-Valentine's Day Party" at a local restaurant. i couldn't help but laugh. mostly because there was a time in my life when i would have considered attending that party. (insert story about bad breakup here.)

but, alas, i've come around and can appreciate valentine's day once again. mostly just because i like a good excuse to receive give a gift. also, this list may be a little more useful for the men in your life. or, you can just feel free to treat yourself to something this february 14th. you deserve it. 

1. hugs + kisses tea towel, Modcloth
2. little hearts note cards, Anthropologie
3. heart ring, SeoulLittle on Etsy
4. xo necklace, SeoulLittle on Etsy
5. heart mug, West Elm
6. heart tee, Windsor
7. be mine studs, Kate Spade
8. you + me print, Handz on Etsy