i'm not even totally sure that i can really call this a DIY considering that it has only one step. but, i'm going with it. i bought this bamboo mug holder at Target just before Christmas. i liked the sleekness of the white, but wanted something a little more fun for my kitchen. also, i kind of collect cute mugs and the cabinet was just about overflowing with them, so i thought some counter storage would do the trick.

i really wanted to paint it gold (no surprise there), but couldn't find it at the store so i went with silver. i just bought a small can of spray paint, went out on my porch, and painted two coats of the paint onto the holder. i let it dry overnight and then it was ready to go! 

for the spoon art at the top of the photo, go HERE 
 patterned mugs from anthropologie; cat mug from target