high five for friday

1. in honor of valentine’s day yesterday, i used my (recently) favorite mug from West Elm.
2. i created in instagram account for Milo & Otis. once i finally did, i asked myself why it took so long to do it. it’s a mystery. feel free to follow them @otismilo2
3. the roommate and i had a romantic date night seeing Safe Haven last night. it was the best Nicholas Sparks movie i’ve seen, after The Notebook, of course.
4. just a typical case of hand-me-downs from my sista. obviously, i was the winner in this situation.
5. i had to get a little glammed up for an open house event last weekend and i actually really enjoyed it. maybe i’ll bust out dressier clothes more often – my jeans and tee shirts are cheering, can you hear them?

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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