on a rainy day

VILA , $86 / Zadig & Voltaire short sleeve shirt, $180 / Maison Martin Margiela , $110 / Hunter rubber-boots / Steve Madden , $98 / H&M , $7.55 / Topshop

i don’t know about you, but there’s something about a rainy day that requires me to wear anything but jeans. mostly because there’s nothing worse than wearing wet jeans…except maybe the smell of wet jeans. because that’s pretty terrible, too. so, if you’re lucky enough to catch me not wearing workout clothes when it’s raining, i’ll probably be wearing something like you see above. mostly because it just looks so darn comfortable and warm. and, if there’s any two characteristics of an outfit that i want on a cold, rainy day, they are comfortable and warm.

also, i spent yesterday skipping my four classes. you’re probably wondering if it was worth it…it was. it pretty much always is. so i enjoyed the day making some new jewels for the shop and catching up on some things that piled up over the weekend. and watching too many episodes of Scandal, because that show is addicting. and so good. it was a happy and rainy tuesday, indeed.

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