Pantone’s Fashion Colors, Spring 2013

i’m always curious to see what Pantone’s color of the year and colors of the seasons will be each year. as you may know, the color of the year is emerald. i’m thinking that will make it’s debut in the fall months, since i haven’t seen too much of it around. i feel like there’s been a lot of prints and pastels, like mints and lavenders.

the colors above are the chosen ones for spring this year. they’re a deeper and more saturated palette than you may expect for spring, but i’m excited to see what designers do with them.

here’s my breakdown of how i’d use them:
regular apparel: emerald, acai, deep lichen green, turbulence (no surprise here)
workout apparel: vivacious
handbags/accessories: mykonos blue, samba
home goods: linden green, koi, carafe

what about you? do you like them?

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