sunday conversations

every other sunday, i help out with the kids ministry at my church. if there’s anything that i’ve learned about kids ages 7-10, it’s that they’re hilarious. and know way too much. here’s some conversations i’ve had with them

(talking about families)
me: what does your dad do for work?
3rd grader: he manages things and works by himself a lot…um…
me: oh, cool.
3rd grader: i mean, he’s not like a ninja or anything.

me: do you have any other sisters?
10 year old: yeah, i have 3 sisters.
me: oh ok, that’s a lot of kids at your house!
10 year old: well, yeah. i have 6 brothers, too.

(while another kid is talking)
girl, to me: why are you so quiet?
me: because he’s talking right now. you should listen, too.
3 minutes later…
girl: why are you so quiet?
me: because he’s still talking. shhhh.
2 minutes later…
girl: why are you so quiet?
me: why aren’t you so quiet?

(while drinking my Starbucks)
8 year old boy: whatchya drinking?
me: a white chocolate mocha.
boy: mmm i love their frappuccino’s.
me: oh, really? you drink coffee? (thinking: you seem a little young…)
boy: yeah, i love it. i like Dunkin Donuts the best though.
me: oh, i’ve never tried Dunkin Donuts coffee before. i’ll have to try it sometime.
boy: well, when you do, can you bring me some?
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