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i think it’s pretty safe to say that i have a love-hate relationship with my LDR (long distance relationship), with an emphasis on the hate. it’s crappy, bottom line. there are so many times that i find myself wishing that Mike lived close by so that i could make dinner for him or we could watch a movie together. after spending about 4 days with him this past weekend, that statement is truer than ever.

as much as an LDR may be less than ideal, i’ve done my best to find the bright spots in it. like the fact that Mike and i both really appreciate the time that we get to spend together, probably more than we would if we saw each other every day. and the fact that i still get butterflies when i see him for the first time again, which is usually at an airport. so, instead of whining and complaining about how much i wish my boyfriend lived close to me, i thought i’d share a few things that i really like about my LDR.

1. being long distance has taught us how to communicate really well. we don’t have the luxury of feeding off of each others’ body language and energy when we’re having a “serious” talk, so we had to learn how to listen to each other and express our thoughts and feelings in a way that allows the other person to understand. it’s probably been one of the best things for us!

2. having planned visits gives us something to look forward to! if you ask me right now, i know in exactly how many days i get to see Mike again. he makes fun of me for always knowing the countdown in my head, but it keeps me going and makes the waiting a little less terrible.

3. like i said before, we appreciate our time that we have together. more often than not, we usually have pretty low-key time together, watching movies or going out to dinner. i always thought i was one of those people that likes to go on dates all the time (don’t get me wrong, i can appreciate a good date every once in awhile!), but i really do enjoy just hanging on the couch with him and being close to him. and i know he doesn’t mind having a little extra money in his wallet that he’s not spending on dates 😉

4. we get to miss each other. i really think there’s something to say for having to miss your significant other. i think it makes you appreciate your person and realize just how important they are to you. sometimes, i feel like i’m in a constant state of missing him, though. even when i’m with him, i know that it won’t be for long and i start missing him before he even leaves!

5. i still get to have my “alone” time. because, let’s be honest, i love my alone time. as much as i wish i lived near him to be able to just call him and make plans for later in the day, i do like the fact that i get to have my own life and schedule (read: i can lay in bed all day, watching netflix and eating ice cream without feeling guilty).

6. it’s made us stronger as a couple. because we’re both experiencing the same thing, i think it’s brought us closer and made us realize just how much we like each other. we both put in the work that is required to make an LDR work and we’re doing it together. neither of us have been in this position before, so we’ve had to figure things out along the way, but i’m so glad to be doing it with him. it’s allowed us to better understand each others’ needs, as well as our own expectations and desires for our relationship.

so, yeah. LDR’s aren’t 100% terrible…maybe just like 97%. just kidding. kind of. 

i can definitely say that there are times that i miss him so much that it hurts. and there are times that i get a little mad at him for coming to visit last August and sparking this whole thing up in the first place. but i wouldn’t trade our relationship for the world.

i think i like this guy.

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