custom icon (kind of) tutorial

guys, my day was made yesterday. see that little FMGD icon down there? i made it! 

my cousin sent me a link to a fantastic tutorial for how to create your own icon for your website/blog. honestly, it couldn't be easier. so, you should probably do it.

are you a follower of FMGD and want to get this icon on your phone or iPad, too?

here's what to do:
1. open FMGD in safari
2. click on the icon at the bottom of safari (in the blue area) with the arrow
3. click on "add to home screen" in the middle.
4. well, that's it. there isn't a step four, but i typed it so i figured i'd finish it.

also, rumor has it that this works on android and possibly other smart phones.

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