prepare yourself for deep thoughts. well, not really that deep.

so, i was at the mall the other day. at Gap, specifically, using the Friends & Family coupon that a lovely reader sent me (thank you, Melanie! i put it to good use!). i was standing in line, waiting to check out when someone approached me and asked if i had a blog. she had seen me in the store earlier and recognized me, but couldn't figure out how she knew me. eventually, she put two and two together and realized that she reads my and my sister's blog. we talked for a minute before i went to check out and she was so kind.

as i was walking out of the mall, i was thinking about how crazy it is that a total stranger would recognize me because of my blog. obviously, i know that people from all over the place have seen my blog and/or read it (which is amazing!), but i don't think it hit me until i was recognized, completely unaware that someone who reads this blog would be in the same place as me.

if you're a blogger, too, you can probably appreciate this. it's easy to forget that people you'll probably never meet read about your life daily. (i'm realizing now that these are the opposite of deep thoughts. of course people read about your life daily when you have a blog...that's what a blog is for.)

i guess it just reminded me of how cool this whole blogging thing is. that people enjoy reading what i have to say. it reminded me that i have a unique position to share who i am, what inspires me, what i love with people that i may never meet. and that i may inspire some people to do the same. it put everything in perspective for me.

so, to the woman in Gap who told me she reads my blog, thank you! you reminded me why i love doing this so much.

top: Francesca's
pants: Madewell (similar)
shoes: UO
necklace: c/o Maya Brenner
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