instagram DIY

i’ve never really been one to have a lot of pictures around. i don’t know what it is, but, before i did this DIY, i had one photo in my entire apartment. ONE. (some of you are probably disgusted with me. i know…i’m inhuman.) but, when i came across prinstagram, i knew i had to have some of my instagram photos printed so i could do a little project with them.
i chose to get 24 of the squares printed. then, with some baker’s twine and mini clothespins*, i hung them on my wall. and that was it. and now i can’t remember a life before having photos of my favorite people around. 
note: i thought about just printing photos of my cats, but i restrained myself. sometimes, i have to draw the line. 

*these things can be found at just about any craft store, and probably online

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