summer, where are you?

the weather is finally warming up around here, which i couldn’t be happier about. living in the south the past 2.5 years has made me soft. honestly, 40 degrees feels absolutely miserable to me now, which is funny considering i lived in the midwest for 21 years of my life and didn’t complain about it too much.

i’ll be honest, i’ve never been much of a summer girl. i pretty much hate being hot, and summers in the south are just that. but, i’ve gotten used to them a little bit and am actually looking forward to it this year. mostly i want to wear shorts and skirts and stop wearing the same jeans i’ve worn for the past 6 months. ya feel me?

sweatshirt: H&M (similar)
skirt: Madewell
shoes: Converse
bag: Dooney & Bourke Outlet
ring: Kate Spade

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