to the people in my life

to my sister: thank you for being the best sister a girl could ever ask for. seriously. you're not just my sister, but also my guide, my biggest encourager, and my truest friend. you will probably never know just how much of an impact you've had on me, since i was a young girl and wanted to be just like you. i can say with absolute certainty that i would not be the person that i am today without your influence and example. 

to my parents: thank you for all that you have given to me. for teaching me to be independent, honest, and generous. for trusting me to be responsible and make good choices. thank you for setting a great example for me of what good parenting looks like and for loving each other the way that you do.

to my brother: thank you for being the oldest child and setting an example for me. although your life may not have gone as you planned, you showed me what path not to take, which i will always be grateful for. thank you for being loving, protective, and hilarious. 

to my brother-in-law: thank you for being my brother, and for loving me as if i was your younger sister by blood. thank you for caring about my life and decisions, and for wanting the best for me. for not being afraid to ask the tough questions and for being a friend and someone that i can trust to tell me the truth, always. 

to my boyfriend: you have made me happier over the past six months than i've ever been. thank you for caring for me the way that you do, for always making me feel beautiful and loved. thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams, no matter where they may take me. thank you, mostly, for being the things that i wish i could be more of: patient, optimistic, and never sweating the small stuff. 

to my closest friend: thank you for being my most trusted confidant. for sticking by my side through heartbreaks and happy times. thank you for being honest, and for always being willing to listen. your friendship means more to me than you know. 

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