two things

today marks the first day of my (almost) one week vacation. hallelujah.
i woke up bright and early for a 6am flight to meet my mom in florida for a little r&r...and probably some shopping. and eating. and more shopping. if there's one thing the girls in my family can do well, it's shop. and start businesses. but that's a story for another day.

there are two things that i'd like to point out. one. i have been wearing my hair straight the past few days and i kind of love it. i've never really loved my hair straight because it's usually pretty limp and just kinda lame looking. but, with my length and ombré color, i'm digging it straight. and it makes getting ready in the morning a heck of a lot faster.

two. i'm wearing light wash jeans. i pretty much haven't worn light wash jeans since 2004. but, i love them. and i like that they're different than every other pair of jeans that i own. variety, people. it's the spice of life, i tell ya.

tee: Monorail Studio c/o Brika
hoodie: H&M (old)
leather: Target
jeans: LOFT
shoes: Converse

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